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Webms that make your heart go doki doki edition
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Kaichou makes something else go dokidoki
I watched that last night. Hope this gets a 3rd season.
Didn't make any webms though.
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Prepare your anus.gif
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So, we can all agree that Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex is the most comfy version of Ghost in the Shell, right?
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it's everything.
Even in philosophical value it beats the 95 movie, but only because it's a series of 40 something episodes and has more space to cover more ideas.
t. hardcore gits fanboy
human interface is better desu
>Even in philosophical value it beats the 95 movie
sounds like you're implying there's anything other than philosophical value that's better than in the '95 movie
are you purposely being wrong like when you wrote it beats the '95 movie in philosophical value or was that a legit mistake?

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I don't think you can even get in contact with your friends without internet these days. Not like I have any.
>how to make a show flop with one character
I don't remember this girl being that stupid.

I recently finished reading Sun Ken Rock, and honestly I was not satisfied at all in the end, tell me I'm not the only one.

Any reason why it ended that way?
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Ignore everything after Yumin's dad gives Ken his suit and calls him boss. There, it's a good manga now.
Apparently he changed his originaly planned ending do to some fanmail.
This. It's amazing how much you can fuck up your ending in the span of one chapter.

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There isn't one good show running this season.
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For you
This season seems to be below average to me as well, but as always there are still some decent shows. Good seasonal entertainment though not necessarily anything I'll rewatch.

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That Anime OST that makes it rain.

Theme of Mitsuha for me

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Make a gun and shoot yourself.
Any step by step instructions for this?
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well all you really need to do is get a clamp, pin it against a bullet and a hard surface. Then use a pin and hit the sweet spot on the bullet. Same mechanics as a gun pretty much, all the danger is in a bullet not a gun.

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Ok /a/, is this nothing more than a shit show or should I begin to watch it to the end? Tell me about it if you have watched and read the whole thing and what you felt.
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Hanabi is literally me.
Worth watching, maybe not the best show ever but certainly unique
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only good for the lesbian sex

What does /a/ think so far?
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Thinking man's anime
Poor mans Kimi no Na wa.
It's comfy

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With how the author been draging the series out?
Not very. At least a year or two.
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What do you mean "soon"? It already happened from what I can see. I mean, if they're not properly going out after this then what the fuck.
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Kaizaki is so moe. Cute chapter desu.

>inb4 next chapter is the other two couples stalking them

Anon, casual handholding is like casual sex - very lewd and no guarantee of a relationship.

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Can typemoon ever become good again?
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Yes, but it will take lots of help from Sakura.
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Say, do you know if there are digital versions of the SF manga for sale anywhere? I'm tired and angry of the absence of raws; I'm going to purchase/rip them if I can be directed to them. I don't know what magazine that Strange Fake is published in, though, or however the manga version is released.

Really tickles the prefrontal lobe.
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Does she shave her armpits?
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What anime character would you like to bring to life?
Dende, then I have him make dragon balls, and bulma, who I have make me a dragon radar.

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And the novel is better than the manga.
They should animate it with Japanese tax dollars. Before Japan is nuked by NK.
The reality warping got a bit out of hand in the second half.

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What quest would you give to Sakura?
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Find a job.
The correct one.
Show her butthole to as many people as possible. Using the internet is allowed.

Kyon-kun, denwa!
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s3 never. Thanks KyoAni
What's he watching?
Why does she sit like that?

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he did it. Why not already in the movie?
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>Hand on her hip

Alpha as fuck.
>Sperm in her egg
Alpha as fuck.
Did what? He jobbed so hard in the movie.

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