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scary bears.jpg
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how the hell did people feel about this show?
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I wish I was that ducky.
I don't understand how Ikahura still gets positions in anime staff.
He is just overrated hack.
Lulu was best girl

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Brown is always best girl. Always.

Prove me wrong.
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Brown girls are for pumping and dumping.
Well duh the Japanese manged to make a fantasy race of brown characters that are actually human unlike our own reality.
Shit skin

Wait, what?!
Professor Ursula has been Chariot the whole time?
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Fake news
Who could have thought?
I fucking called it from the start. Obvious shit like this is why anime is going downhill. Like, have they ever heard of subtlety?

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Judging by the pacing and the foreshadowing in the opening theme, they're going to finish the anime right after the Eren and Reiner fight. Which is only chapter 46 in the manga, or just 10 fucking chapters right after where Season 1 ended.

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4 years will make people stop giving a shit

milking a successful series
Look at what eren's doing in the promo art you just posted, find the chapter he did that pose in, and say that again. It'll at least go up to there, and then stop. Besides, with the shit pacing of the manga, you shouldn't expect much from this.

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You know what it is I want...
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Nene is mine now and you can't have her.
An actual gun I assume? Try /k/, because I doubt you could even shoot water out of that thing.

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Emotional pattern: yellow
Predictive ability: zero
Objectivity: zero
Traits: impulsive, selfish, pushy, simple, clumsy, carefree, sexy, easy to molest.
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This thread cause it doesn't have Diana in the OP
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I want to take advantage of this retard

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1) This is Diana!
2) Diana is a girl!
3) She's cute!
4) I love her!
5) Diana!
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This thread cause it doesn't have Akko in the OP
I only tune in for her at this point.
I want to tickle Diana! She's so cute I just want to see her squeal with laughter!

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I finally saw this. Anyone care to give me a quick rundown? What was this movie really about? Why hasn't there been a movie as well-animated as this in the thirty years since? Is the manga good?
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>Why hasn't there been a movie as well-animated as this in the thirty years since?

Bait or a newfag.

Go and watch Fate UBW, Monogatari or One punch man
kill yourself

B-But /a/ told me 2D girls were pure!
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Pure dick-hunting machines.
What would you do?

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Satania on the front page!
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I started watching it yesterday. It's fun.

Satania is a gigantic baka.
toot toot
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Begone angel

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Crested Ibis.png
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Toki's non-singing voice warms my heart.
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No raping Shoebill please
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It's just so whispery and throaty that it makes me want to massage her throat and give her a lozenge and hot green tea with lemon.
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We're hitting that time of the season again

>What shows did are you watching
>What shows did you drop
>Which are your favourites
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>What shows are you watching
Alice to Zouroku
Busou Shoujo
Clockwork Planet
Saekano S2
Zero kara Hajimeru
>What shows did you drop
None so far
>Which are your favorites
Tsugumomo and Re:Creators so far.
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>did are you
Havent slept in over a day sorry

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Hana on a date with Kiyoshi
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fuck this shit
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I love rape!
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I love it too

Know that hentai OVA "please rape me?" It features a normal guy, very relatable, who one day finds a mysterious girl who has the power of telling if a girl desires to be raped. Animation is just average but it is an early work from the creators of "Erogue!" So you know it has its funny moments and its good.
Do you love raping or being raped?

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What makes a character complex?
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more than just one ambition, more than just one dominating character trait
Maybe his dream, and how far he can go to acomplish it.

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