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Did Nicofags ruined Love Live?
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Why does Japan like turning things like war tanks, ships, historical figures or even fictional ones into anime girls?
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Because they're cuter?
70% mythological history, 5% people tapping into a concept they think is underserved, 25% marketing.

Having an understanding of tsukumogami and the transformative nature of many other creatures from Japanese folklore makes the foundation for these cutesy transformations more "logical." But it's also that cute girls sell stuff and the creators of those types of things tend to be otaku for something unrelated to anime (guns/machinery/etc.) and choose to express that love in this way.

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so they are going back to detective style movie and not action bullshit anymore? GREAT
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how new are you? thats been the formula for the past 20 movies Mystery action mystery mystery mystery action action so on and so forth. They always mix it up.

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Why is idolshit so entertaining bros?
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I can't speak for all of idolshit since I've only watched Love Live, but certain characters kept me watching. Like these two.
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Love Live thread?
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I feel like my interest in rabu raifu is fading. What do anons?

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big burg
damn, boigas look like THAT?
the fuck kind of bun deforms like that under bite pressure?

ITT: GOAT 1st episode
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my actual nigga
Both bebop and eva have GOAT first episodes.

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Berserk isnt one piece where they can just shhit out the worst tropes for over 700 episode & people will eat it up he needs to research human history religious mythology to make this series that good´╗┐ EMBRACE THE HIATUS

> Wasted countless fucking hrs watch one piece thinking ill get a pay off only to reach episode 700 now realizing this shit will never finish untill people get sick of this bullshit carrot on a stick writing where we will never get a end cause it make to much money
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>he needs to research human history religious mythology

No you fucking mongoloid, Miura just want to watch idolshit, the lazy fuck
Nah Miura is just a lazy cunt with little passion left for Berserk. He started writing it when he was 16 so you can't really blame him for changing interests and tastes as he grew up. That said he should have had the balls to end it earlier and work on something he actually wanted to work on rather than put in the bare minimum required effort on it as his paycheque to fund his hikki lifestyle. Anyone who still thinks the ending of Berserk won't be just a damp squib after all this time is just as delusional as people who think One Piece's ending will have a good payoff. And I don't mean Berserk's ending will be some kind of thematically appropriate anticlimax, but just a flat out anticlimax. If you want the true ending to Berserk then imagine Guts killed himself and get into Idolmaster.

Why is HorribleSubs /a/utistic ?
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Takes autists to perform an autistic act for the benefit of other autists
Pissing off Crunchyroll is practically altruism.

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Now that they dust has settled, can we all agree that if nothing else Ghost Slide was probably the most refreshing anime of its season?
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>Ghost Slide
Speaking of sliding, why the hell are there 11 threads on the page 0 with less than 3 replies?
It was a good show.

Tokidoki Balloon was a superior execution of the same concept.
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Keit ai is still aoty though

Everybody Finds love in the end...
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This is the best line in all of anime/manga
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>no more Sagiri until season 2
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It was like this show catered specifically to /a/. The meme potential is just ridiculous.
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I'm two eps in now. Seems good so far. Worth continuing? Be honest /a/
Season is over, just watch it and form your own opinion.

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Was Zamasu right all along?
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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reminder buufags still blown the fuck out

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fug I'm too excited for the final episode

also best waifu thread
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Tsukai did everything right. She is the only thing preventing manking from getting tanged.
Holy shit the fujos have a stranglehold on this show.
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All I want from the last episode is for zaShunina to get a hug.
I don't care what else happens, he is in desperate need of a hug, and as long as that one thing happens at some point, I will be satisfied.

So do the Japanese think you're suppose to eat steaks raw or something?
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That looks more medium rare than it does straight-up uncooked.
It's called "rare" you filthy plebeian.
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