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Why aren't you holding her /a/?
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I'm a spambot, I don't have arms
Is it a déjà vu of mine, or this thread has been already discussed here several times?
Such a vicious cycle is /a/, isn't it?
I don't hold shit girls.

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Hinako dancing.gif
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One question the series never answered: which girls was Hinako in love with? She constantly flirted with Yua, but still pushed for her to confess her feelings for Chiaki, which was weird. She also seemed to have a crush on both the blonde-haired loli as well as the landlady.
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She had a finger in every pot

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Is this the worst example of a mangaka being lazy as fuck? not even Miura did this kind of shit.

Also, post more examples of lazy mangakas
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shaman king.jpg
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What's supposed to be?

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What went so horribly wrong?
It was a good 3 episode ova series
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Not enough yuri.
>the dead should stay dead
>but God abandoned the world so there's no religious basis for that anymore
>the dead should be dead because the dead should be dead
>also that one town discovered a way to prevent people's bodies and minds from decaying, so there's no longer a secular reason to force people into the grave either
>yeah, but the dead should be dead because the dead should be dead
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>We have this interesting setting and premise in which we can go anywhere and do what we want.
>Last two arcs involve a high school setting.

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Hinowa ga Yuku!.png
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It's already licensed for a simulpub, no one is going to bother translating it.
>Force confirmed

Who will get the high ground?

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Template 1.png
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You know what to do, anons.
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But my semen wouldn't show up well
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I've had this one for years.

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Pop Step Getchu
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>mc is a beta yet still gets all the girls
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OP is a greentexting beta and he won't get a girl.
Gets who? (Besides Fuyuki)
It's obvious that the character knew fucking a middle schooler would be inappropriate. And this was back when a studio wouldn't be run out of town for saying so.
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>mc is a magnificent bastard that all the girls want
>is a homosexual

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Kiritsugu looking cool.jpg
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Does anyone else consider Kiritsugu a very sympathetic and understandable character? Here's the facts:

>Only kills bad people who are generally murderers themselves
>Does this for the sake of eternal world peace

He's morally gray at the absolute worst, and I would be hard-pressed to consider him even that. He gets rid of serial killers, gang members, and mass murderers for the sake of eternal peace and happiness for the entire human race. Wow. Such edgy, so mean.
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The true answer is that the series sucks cock and it's cast is all waifu bait.
More like he's an unrepentant serial killer who found an excuse and deludes himself into thinking he's doing a good thing.
Whoa, that is taking things way too far

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What the fuck is wrong with her?
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Shes a little kid that hasn't been socialized by other kids her own age.
Nonnon is a cautionary tale.

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Filthy /a/ board Saiyan monkeys, I'll show you hell!

Only rolling doubles, can defeat I, Lord Frieza!
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go back to wherever shithole you came from
Freiza has killed himself /a/
Take your /b/ tier roll threads somewhere else op

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Was it autism?
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Stop posting shit on my board.

Fuck off.
Why are there so many threads of my waifu today?

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friendly reminder that Tomoko smells like rotten albacore tuna and piss.

also reminder that people tell her she doesn't stink because they don't want to be on her hit list when she goes on a Japanese stabbing rampage.

You know it. I know it. don't even deny it.
just LOOK at her greasy-ass hair and face. people seem to think the rare examples of her baths are common. I guarantee that vagina butthole chowder she's in only homogenizes the disgusting stench that naturally exudes from her pores. If you think being in the same building with her is anything but torture, you're a sweet summer child.
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R-really? my dick is diamonds!
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nigga she a hikki neet who has a messy room, i'm a grown ass man living in squalor and degeneracy, i can guarantee you that the odious smells that I have at this point been habituated to not even notice anymore are orders of magnitude worse than anything she has ever produce
Hmm. I thought hikkis and neets didn't leave the house or go go school. Really
Gets that noggin joggin though.

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