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Why was it so bad compared to the original?
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Zeta shitposting should stay on /m/.
It's not shitposting. Zeta is a legitimately terrible show.
I won't be giving you any (You)s so why don't you just stop?

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have you watched Maruko yet, /a/?
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Just watched My favorite song.
Cried like a bitch.
>My favorite song.
i always thought the 1990 film was sadder
No I don't watch moeshit

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Eh, it wasn't so bad.
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>Barbatos Lupus Rex
>Gusion Rebake Full City

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Now you're making me crave tonkatsu, fuck you.

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...A shame you seemed an honest man?
And all the fears you hold so dear...

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Now you remember that Touhou had an official anime.
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>when your favorite shows usually are lesser known ones such as Hyouge Mono, Saraiya Goyou, Fafner, Yamato and you despise harems more than anything else but then, because Xebec made it, you decide to give Love-Ru a try and suddenly start to enjoy yourself more than you have in a long time and fall for pic related in the process
W-whats going on?!
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Have you READ Love Hina. (Warning: Anime Adaptions of Ken Akamatsus work usuallly suck for some reason.)

I really liked the answer.

>To LOVE-ru is super interesting.

It wouldn't hold up if it were only Ecchi.

I wonder what the underlying themes are?
Not them, but here are some:
>monogamy vs harem
>platonic love vs romantic love
>timelessness of love
>love vs lust (i.e. sex)
>love as medicine
>abusive love
>femininity vs modesty
>evolution of feelings
>friendship as a pretense for love

THE NATURE OF LOVE is the main motif, but there's also:
>embracing the unpredictability of life
>finding beauty in simple things
>the burden of power
>being true to oneself
>appearance vs reality [it's a meme in literary analysis, but it applies here]

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Im a HxH fan, a week ago I saw a video on youtube claiming that there will be a new HxH anime,
is this true?
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Yes, my father works abroad as an Editor for Shueisha and he told me the same.
My dad is the president of Anime Inc. and told me that while there was another HxH season planned, it was cancelled in favor of Eromanga Sensei S2.
Indeed so, my father is an assistant of Togashi and he confirmed the new anime will be done by Toei animation

This is Megumin's armpit. Say something nice about it without using the word bakuretsu.
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I want to impregnate it
Chapter 11 of Bakuen manga. Started uploading to bato.to but dunno how long it takes to get through the review process since I'm not a contributor.

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Quiz Time: Who is best girl?
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yo mama
In Cross Ange it was definitely Hilda.

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Kinda disappointed she backed out of the race for Rokudou desu.
She is too young for that kind of thing, you pervert.
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Was it even a competition?
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Of course not, Sagiri was just too good.

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is he kill
F in Super when?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-33SkD_tnw
So if Hakai can work on immortal people, why didn't Beerus erase Future Zamasu when he erased present Zamasu in the anime?
He did say if a God kills another God that it would kill that God in other timelines.

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Subs are out
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>Tiger Mask W

that title drop
How could we not see this coming?
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Would you watch the animated adventures of Guy Jean?

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