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T-this isn't going to be a NTR manga, r-right?
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>"boku dake" in the title
of course it will be ntr
Don't know much about japanese, but doesn't the title roughly translate to "Only I know Ichinomiya-san", referring to the fact that MC is the only one that notices the girl's beauty?

Vivio's real cute, don't you think?
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There was too little of her adult mode in the anime.
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Also too bad they never strolled in casual clothes like that, afterwards.
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And her appearance in Innocent was too short.

Why do people love Hunter X hunter so much when the art is objectively terrible?
I mean, just look at this shit.
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Its post-ironic

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Fuck this shit.

Where's my The Lost Canvas?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Why do CGDCT shows tend to have newbies voicing the main roles?
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They can pay newbies less, and it makes the characters feel more unique if they have voices you haven't heard before.
It's one of the easiest kinds of series to jam a bunch of newbies into, get a few CDs out with their songs, etc.

The same for some harems. It ain't a bad thing.
watch Girlish Number.

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Which time stop is the best time stop?
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What about the one that goes like this?
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Why does stopping time make a sound anyway?
Without time there's no sound. Sound is being stopped.

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>After years of shitposting, /a/ managed to meme its "cute girl lifting cute weights" manga into existence
>It has zero musclegirls
Why even bother?
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>expecing major gains in such a short amount of time
Do you even lift?
there's muscleboys though, what's the problem
I wanted actual fit girls doing fit/cute things, not these bland, lame protagonists building up to it

If I wanted some insecure gyaru who blushes constantly and knows nothing about the story's gimmick but instead "learns" about it over time I'd take another premise than weightlifting

What are the comfiest cafes in anime?

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Is Jobbing inevitable?
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Is Alice getting raped inevitable?

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"The Galaxy Express 999
Will take you on a journey
A never ending journey
A journey to the stars"
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Actually ends.

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Namek would have been interesting with Radditz and Nappa running around.
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Holy fuck, having Raditz and Nappa fight the Ginyu force at a reasonably close power level with them would have been so hype I wouldn't be able to contain myself.
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>tfw no Raditz-redemption arc
at least I still have my videogames

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Inko Colors.jpg
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What do you guys think of Inko Colors?

I think it is super cute, and would honestly like to see more material in the future.
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There's this one bird over there that's like winnie the pooh.
I thought it was pretty cute, so yes, I'd also like to see more.

All it's missing is a cockatiel in the fray.

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Oscar in the Sunset.jpg
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What do you think of this late '70s, early '80s anime? Has anyone seen it, or also read the 1970s manga? The Rose of Versailles is critically well acclaimed, and has even been made into a 1979 live-action film, parts of it are on Youtube too.
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>Oskar ended up being straight

Of course she was. Oscar was given a male name by her father in order to act as a son so that she could legally join the military, since he only had other daughters among his children. Interestingly, she is even allowed after everyone just sees her as a woman. Effectively, she was doing the Joan of Arc thing by French Revolutionary times. She also had affections for the main man in the series, André.

Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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How waku waku is Goku right now out of Waku waku surunee?
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Future Trunks.png
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Reminder Future Trunks is as well.
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What's going on here
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>>158930009 #

Ah so back when Marley and the Eldians were still actively at war the king just said fuck it and left and took maybe 20,000 eldians with him to make the walls/population inside the walls and just left the rest of the eldians on the main land high and dry with no leadership and a greatly diminished population?

That is kind of fucked up. Still barely explains why Zeke, Reiner, and Berthold hate them though. That's a giant plothole if you ask me. Reiner and Berthold know that the people inside the walls are pretty much all innocent and this didn't seem to change their minds or directions about anything. That's fucking stupid. The people in the walls have it worse than the eldians in Marley.
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I want to kiss him. I want to sniff him. I want to take care of him.
Power of the 9th shifter is to bring Eldians back to life

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