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Season 2 for this wonderful show never ever.
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When will this farce of a tournament end so we can get some Benio?
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How's the anime?
Never. Benio will be evil in future chapters. Also I don't see this going for too much long.
The arc or the series?

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Anyone Nip anons going to see Gothicmade later today?
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Just give it up.
how about next weekend?
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Post things that shouldn't be sad but made you feel like shit after they happened anyways.
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My birth.

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and then what?

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Less than a day until Akko and Diana's Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken!
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Chariot is made for ________
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>15 hours 25 minutes left

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I got this.jpg
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Best One Piece Pairing, only homos disagree

in the alternate timeline where she isn't in love with Luffy
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This. Can't wait for the volume fixes my SaNabros. No brakes on this train.

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How do we fix Mikasa?
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with a hammer
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Clannad means family
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No it doesn't
Ochinchin means penis, and surprisingly not double chin.
It actual means magic space dango bullshit that ruins what could have been a good ending

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so why did they tease ippo for having a big dick?Also Hajime no ippo thread
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>he reads manga where i dont like it, im a special kind of retard
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Now that the dust has settled, what do we think of felcher gundam?
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>This anime will continue even after your dead
How does that make you feel?
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I've already seen every possible criminal case. I'm not particularly upset about continuing repetition.
I love Detective Conan.
Well, I used to love the show more back before the crimes became outright ridiculous and unwitty. (actual thing that happened: "I had to kill him, because he threw a coathanger at me!"; or, for instance, a person getting bludgeoned by a selfie stick)

I think it's time to wrap the series up, honestly. It's been going on for way too long. Gosho is running out of ideas, Conan and the others are still in the same grade after all these years, Ran still hasn't figured shit out. When something majo happens in the story, it's always a blast. So that should be sign enough that it's time to tie the bundle and kiss the show goodnight.
Conan is one of the rare modern series where Japan eats up filler movies and episodes, so I don't think they'll ever end it.

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Where is new Kyokai no Rinne episode? Why HS still didn't rip it?
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>That one and only doujin with scat and other hardcore tags
It was so satisfying, she doesn't need more.
It seems Sentai only put the new episode now on HIDIVE (their new streaming site) instead of TAN since TAN will be closing down.

I wonder if HS doesn't know about this.
Give them a heads up in HS's irc, or they will never know about it.

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Reading this for the first time, did it just get cancelled or something at the end? The last volume felt somewhat anticlimatic compared to previous volumes.
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I don't remember, but it got a kiddie animation adeptation.
Was it good?
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It was kiddie CG and lacked the sometimes harsh nature stories the manga had. Not really worth the time.

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