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Discuss what will happen this tournament.

My predictions for who U7 characters beat:

>Goku: Jiren after new form, 3-5 fodder characters, brief scuffle with Toppo before someone interferes. Nearly loses to Yardrat.
>Vegeta: Universe 2 girl, Kale, 1 or 2 fodder, broken scuffle with hit, jobs to Jiren
>Gohan: Lavender, teamwork kill with piccolo, double KO vs. Toppo after new form
>Krillin: Teams up with roshi and tien for 2 kills, Basil, gets another kill on a fodder character. Jobs to a U4 character.
>17: several U3 robots, teams up with 18, avenges 18 after she gets knocked out by nigrishi
>18: same as above
>Tien: Jobs after cliche teamwork kill. Jobs to dyspo
>Master Roshi: Gets 1 "technique" kill after 3 man team kill. Jobs to cabba
>Frieza: Takes down frost, 2 fodders in brutal fashion, caulifla, couple of other mains and jobs hard to Jiren. Will have the most takedowns of the tournament.
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Everyone marked here will be of no consequence
My predictions:
Everyone will job except for Goku.
Goku will be the last man standing.
U7 wins.
All is alright with the world.

>Not being a big fat ugly job to someone SSJ2 level

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So like i was watching Grisaia no kajitsu and i well i had a certain feeling of nostalgia when i saw the character design, well for some odd reason it resembled Shaft's monogatari series, like legit they even have the head tilt in episode 2, and the character Yumiko even kinda resembles Senjougahara, and so like, did Shaft take and part in Grisaia the animation or somn ?
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did shaft take any part **
I don't know OP, but why the hell are you watching this show now?
Same character designer.

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The time is drawing near /a/!
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No replies in the DB for this post!

How close is the anime to the manga?
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it fallows the chapters perfectly , there's no skip scenes
So I can jump right where the latest episode ended without missing anything? If so, excellent
season 1 was very slow paced , but they seem to have fixed the problem in season 2

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Why is she so smug?
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No idea what you're talking about.

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Why is orange always the best?
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That's not orange

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The season is over.

Post your favorite girls of the season.
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You already posted mine

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Iida's wild ride starts soon
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draw more toga.
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Annie is mine
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Grim Reminder next chapter. Nocteren will deliver the judgment.
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Flockmod is fun.
Noctren will liberate his people, not murder them. He has no reason to.

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what a piece of shit
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Look, no one ever said Josuke Higashikata was a nice guy.
Jotaro's the same and you can't stop sucking his dick.
most of the jojo's are dicks if you look past the fact that they're just fighting larger dicks
Jotaro's a literal delinquent who got thrown in jail
Josuke beats people up for shittalking his hair
Giorno is a member of the fucking mafia
Johnny was a fucking dick before becoming a cripple

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Is this the most iconic scene in anime? Neon Genesis Evangelion transcends all genres and is even respected by moeshit directors.
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Ash pulling his hat around before doing pretty much anything.
It's probably the most recognizable thing from people. Or some DBZ kamehama shit.

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but it came out of the ground.png
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Is Carol a genius?
i don't get it, where is tomo?
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>Jun blush
Tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling dooowwn

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Is romance the worst genre of anime?
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There's not an inherently "worst" genre of animu/mango, just quality of execution. That said, it's real easy to fuck up romance or drama because a writer has to be on point with every single major character since they're the sole driving force of the narrative, while narratives of other genres can hide behind the coattails of lore or tech or something else.

The margin for error is thin when you're dealing with direct human emotion.
No, you're favorite is.

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