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Spoilers soon. Stop bullying us, mods..
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What's this perhaps?
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Index game should be open beta July according to this website
Reminder that he did nothing wrong and everything was the Magic Gods' fault.

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>*teleports behind you*
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Leave Jiren to me.
Reminder that Goku will job to Jiren.
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Why is the arena so small?

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How do we fix /a/?
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delete it with these dubs
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This is the GoD of the Supreme Universe. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Also, new episode starting now.
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Strength of GoD doesnt correlate with universe quality

See U6 and U7.
Is this the dude who beat Beerus?
Gohan will take Frieza's place.

Gohan will win.

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Gaiden covering Aizawa/Present Mic days when?
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First for best boy
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Second for best girl
>Iida says "aniki"
>subs say his brother's name

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I love you, /a/!
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fuck off
I love you too, mikan

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Are you in for the long ride?
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For her until the end.


is he already dead?
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Yes, the meteor killed everyone.
>lonely protagonist
This a comedy or self-insert?

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Post animu that make you feel like a princess.
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Togashi will die before Hunter x Hunter finishes.
Togashi dying is the only way HxH could end at this point.

>Togashi expected us to hyped for the King even though we already the emperor
There was no tension in CA arc because Kurapika could pop in and BTFO the ants
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Best girl
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Hisoka will BTFO the spiders
Did you have a stroke writing that?

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Kaban had a dream one night. There was a girl in a world with highly developed science. One day, the girl's father said, "Are you reading that ancient book again?"
"Yes, Father. I love this book," replied the girl.
"Then this is perfect. Finally, I have completed the auto reading system. You can experience the world of the book as if it were real. You don't need to remember our reality anymore." The girl's father placed the device onto the girl's head.
"You just need to live in the world of the book. Forget that the world was ruined, that we're the only survivors. Here you go. Go to the world of your favorite book."
Then Kaban woke up.
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I've seen this kind of take so many times that it's become a little stale. Feels more like a "Push for Feels" button at this point.
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I'm here to (almost) ruin your show.
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Best boy.
Why did you put my husband in the OP?
Marathoning the show now and he isn't as bad as I expected, though his first couple episodes were boring. 17 was great because reverse trap Amanda.

Dazai said: "The end of season depression is upon us"

How will I live with all these depressing endings?
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Did Dazai say to make the rich loaded girl pay for the love hotels?
Wasn't Dazai the kid with the rich parents? he was probably the girl in this situation.

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Unfortunately, S1 was utter shit.
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Phoenix and the girls were cute atleast.
The moment where he objected just to fill time and got his shit slapped by the judge was funny though

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