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Precure Thread
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So what are their spirit animal? They seem too characterized and important to not have one.
My guess:
Julio - wolf
Bibury - bear
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Damn forgot pic.
Use the fucking catalog.

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How can one series have so many low perspicacity speed readers, it solemnly perplexes me.
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Is it time for new content?
>Any manga/novel popular on /a/
>Not having a billion speedreaders
Are you even surprised?
>could focus on ainz and on the other side the various' countries counter movements and politics
>instead we get filler and lizards
Why is the author such a hack. Is it possible that he simply started off with a premise and actually has no idea what to do with it now that it got some popularity?

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Is this the perfect body?
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from the neck up sure
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No, her boobs are too small.
Yes, this is what peak performance looks like.

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Why does every mechatard pretend to like him? Why are they trying so hard to fit in?
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i like him for devilman and violence jack because i am an edgelord, desu
This site is 18+
I know right, he sucks, Evangelion and Gurren Lagann are the greatest anime ever and are completely original

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Explain your relationship with Shinka
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I masturbate to her every once in a while
My wife is very similar to her in more ways than one, I guess.

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Though on each teams ?
Does the team members reflect and represent the culture theme and personalities of their universe ?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>Death March is getting an anime adaption
>fucking Shield Hero is getting one too
Why is it that Japan always seems to adapt the isekai series that /a/ loves to hate on?

Can the isekai train be stopped at this point? What meme series will get adapted next?
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>Can the isekai train be stopped at this point?
Nope. Get used to it until it burns out.
>Get used to it until it burns out.
Got a date?
The far, far future of the year 3017.

New Game Season 2 starts airing on July 11, 2017. Post your favourite Eagle Jumps to get hype.

Hands up, who's waxed their carrot to Yun?
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I want to eat out Hajime's sweaty butt and pussy after she bikes to work and then sit under her desk all day so she can use my mouth as her urinal as to not interrupt her job.

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ITT: shit series you watched because your dick told you to
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Tiger Mask W.png
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Fucking really?
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I actually kind of liked it, the W pun is ridiculous, but it fits the show.

Bonus episode dedicated to best girl next week?

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>manga looks like shit
>gets beautiful anime
>manga looks beautiful and has super detailed art from a guy who actually has a formation in fine arts
>gets shit anime full of cgi
>manga has badly written characters with flat personalities
>gets 12 episodes to flesh out every fucking detail of what the dumb characters are thinking, how they feel, their conflicts and all that bullshit that's boring because the characters are badly written
>manga has a charismatic cast, with complex characters with their own beliefs, dreams and reasons to follow the protagonist
>These characters become dumb archetypes in the anime like "the badass who sounds like batman", "little girl that's actually super powerful", "big mouthed useless kid", etc.
What are these two series I'm talking about?
Pic not related.
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Griffith did nothing wrong
Berserk and Maid Dragon. All is right in the world.
>manga art looks like shit
Character designers can work more freely and do whatever they want without fear of fans bitching that they ruined the art
Also it can be easier to animate

>manga has amazing art
Harder to deliver since of you don't make as good as the original art, it's considered a failure and a lesser form to consume the series

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Eromanga sensei confirmed better than berserk

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What power will she asspull next?
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>Most manga & anime ruined by asspulls
>mfw someone makes an anime about retconing and making asspulls canon
She is actually Espada 0

>one of the characters stats are 6/5 in the official character book
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It bothers me too. I mean, if you want your numbers on a page representing your character's abilities be impressive, don't hand out the good ones like shitty candy so that you need additional numbers to accommodate. Have literally everyone but one guy be 7's or below, and that one guy gets a fucking 10. People will understand that the character is serious business, without you having to Go Beyond The Limits for a stupid fucking reason like a stat book. Have the candy actually taste nice for once, you stupid idiot.

It's not like it would be too far-fetched anyway. There is such a thing as a fucking bell curve. See those fucking ends to it? Literally a single person is there at any one moment, so don't just make it a fucking horizontal line, FUCK.

Goddamn, I'm saltier than I thought I would be.
Rather than that, there shouldn't even BE an upper limit.
>he actually looks at character stat books

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This is my Japanese 13 year old wife daughter.
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>wife daughter
ugly hair
Sex with Kirin-chan!

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