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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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So how did papki turn into a little girl?
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my dick

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for a second I thought Remon was back with a new IF chapter, damn it
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Rem (261).jpg
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Ram is Barusu's sister-in-law they say.

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You walk in on your waifu being bullied.
What do?
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Masturbate while watching, then rape the bully after I'm ready to go again.
Talk to the bully and convince her to stop, if that doesn't work stand between the two so I get beaten instead. She is stronger than me so the other person must be even stronger.
What this anon said, if she's getting bullied, what can I do.

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I just finished this and holy fucking shit that was a wild ride. I regret not watching this with /a/ while it was airing
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You can read the thread archives right here https://mega.nz/#F!oxZUhbgZ!9f_FKzqj9VVrw0D86sWlXQ
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Oh shit thanks, that will be fun to check

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What the fuck?
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So the final chapter of Muv-Luv Alternative dropped a week ago. It's a lot more hopeful than I thought it'd be. It's 2049. Humanity is still around and they've gotten pretty advanced. They now have G-Reactors of their own, hyperadvanced TSFs, massed produced Susanoo types, Rutherford-Kouzuki Fields, and FTL space travel. Kasumi is the commissioner of United Humankind (総監/commissioner of the 人類統合体 ), and they're sending an envoy (backed by force) through a warpgate to make peace with the Siliconians (the BETA's creators).

Apparently, the Master (looking even more like Theo from Schwarzesmarken) never got on board with United Humankind for whatever reason (he's shown, all shadow like, when Kasumi mentions that some humans are resisting their unification efforts).

Manga was written by Kouki himself, so I'd say that it supersedes all other canon. Thank /m/ for the uploads.
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>in the name field

God, I'm such a faggot sometimes.
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takemikazuchi thing.jpg
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Full Accel and Astral Buddy chapters soon. Railgun's Dream Ranker is over and the manga is on hiatus until September.
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<Leave the White Queen to me Nii-sama.>
>Accel was the magic spin-off all along
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What do you guys think she is? A vampire? She seems to have a bride theme going on.

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Give me pre-order bonuses

52,017 Granblue Fantasy The Animation
41,970 Cinderella Girls Gekijou
*9,353 Eromanga Sensei
*7,876 Star Mu 2
*6,603 Shingeki no Kyojin 2
*5,329 Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine
*4,685 Natsume Yuujinchou Roku
*3,305 Sin Nanatsu no Taizai
*2,485 Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Kinki Kyouten
*2,270 Re:Creators
*1,434 Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?
*1,392 Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria
*1,102 Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism
**,823 Fukumenkei Noise
**,742 Tsugumomo
**,721 Clockwork Planet
**,368 Renai Boukun
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>41,970 Cinderella Girls Gekijou
Holy fucking shit
I actually liked some granblue episodes.
>**,368 Renai Boukun
Hot garbage deserved it

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Would you kiss the frog, /a/?
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No, because there's a chance that she will turn into a prince if I kiss her, and that's gay.
I love Froppy!
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>[x] Kiss Frog

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After all this years it finally happened!

A new girl has been added to the harem.

Tonight, we celebrate.
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My two favorite green haired girls and stalker-chan

I like you
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Sorry, in my excitement I forgot to clean up.
you have the worst taste ever.

Can somebody give me the quick rundown on this.
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Tentacle rape, semen demons, Nazi occultism, creepy psychic children, messianic half breed demon babbies, stop watching after the first two movies.

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One Hand Eden 3/4
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Dead thread without even having started lol ;-;
subs never
>tfw subs out but in tacos

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- Ray stated that they have similar feet than demons.
- Emma is worried about others children (she's wondering whether they've been eaten or not)
- according to Sonju, they found them by chance, as seemingly Musica (the other demon) was looking for him as he get lost (or it could be the other way) (not sure about this part)
- Emma runs at the back of the cave to check if the other children are ok.
- She found them preparing the meals like they were using to do in GF.
- They were relieved to see Emma.
- Sonju and Musica joined them and removed their hood.
- Their face is different from human faces.
- Meal is ready, Emma and Ray are very cautious, about the food, they're wondering if it's poisonned, but Don & Gilda have already checked and the food was safe.
- They prayed for nature like humans (before eating ?) (not sure about this part either)
- After the meal, Emma and Ray could speak with both demons as others went to sleep.
- Emma apologies for being suspicious about their saviors.
- Something about songju seeing humans being assaulted and saying something like Emma's reaction is understandable (not sure about this part).
- Ray asked why Sonju doesnt attack humans, he answered that it's for religious reasons.
- Sonju and Musica seems to belong to a kind of sect or dissenters group and he just wanted to talk with humans.
- Emma eventually asked them what's happened to this world.

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Not gonna read it. Nope. Nosirree.
they're friends
they're not friends
they're friends
they're not friends
they're friends
they're not friends
they're friends
they're not friends

what a lazy author
The manga is failing to grab me after the escape arc. I hope the author does something awesome soon.

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What are some of the most shilled shows in /a/'s history that were never good to begin with yet fan base just kept pushing it but in the end got what they deserved and flopped spectacularly? Bonus points if PR faggots and interns themselves came to shill the show.
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Cowboy Bebop

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