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Why didn't Goku go SSG against Omega Shenron?
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Because he knows SSJ4 is superior in every way
Because fuck toriko-shit-fags

fuck you toriko

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Grape lives for another day.
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cool, two threads. let's race them!
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Are you a racist?
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Why are smug lolis so lewd, /a/?
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Find me a loli more smug than this.

HINT: You can't
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Ravioli Ravioli
Don't sexualize the smug loli

Just a little while longer.
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Well, isn't in hilarious.
this one is double doubles, therefore a designated shitposting t

End of Summer.
First and second part of the arc:
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what is with animes this season shilling hardees?
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Carl's Jr
Learn to take a screenshot and lurk for three years before posting.
Because it's better than McDonalds

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Kyosuke and Kuroneko were always intended to be the endgame couple (that's foreshadowed by the fact that when Kyosuke and Kuroneko spend time together, Kyosuke acts like his own man and has the freedom to be himself; meanwhile when he's close to Kirino he always act like Kirino's manservant and slave, forfeiting his own self).
Sadly Dengeki Bunko saw that an incest ending would be more profitable, forcing Fushimi to rewrite the last part of the story into a nonsensical harem assassinating the entire cast' personalities and closing with an out-of-nowhere incest ending.

tl;dr Oreimo's LN volume 8 / last two minutes of S2's episode 8 are for all intends and purposes paid fanfiction and should be ignored.
>"Kyosuke and Kirino were always intended to be the endgame couple nekofags..." Fushimi (2016) - Nico nico livestream #4

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I even read the thread title in his voice before reading the spoiler.

Orange is the color of my loyalty!
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What about you, /a/ ?
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I work out my mind so I can delude myself into waking up every morning.
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yes, I also work out my dick to her..so yeah.

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New novel release 7/7
An "IF" book, seems like a story on if Mayumi was chosen for the magic idol project.

Now explain to me; Is this proof that she lost? my understanding is that IF series are usually reserved for those whose ships sink to go through a route for a popular character like Rem in Re-zero. But now Rem is becoming more prominent again?
Are IF series for doomed ships or just another story in the franchises?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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I'd like some more covfefe.
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haha epic meme
Seriously, what did he actually mean by this?
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I'll have some ree tea please

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What's this bitches problem and can anyone name one redeeming quality about her?
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which bitch's? Akko, Diana or Ursula?


>timid waifu bait with the twist
>those hips

DIANA?! How dare you even ask about that? Ep 22

so can we agree this is the best anime of all time? even people who don't watch anime watch this show
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That's a strange way to spell TTGL
>even people who don't watch anime watch this show

By that logic Fifa is the best vdeogame ever you fucking retard
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but Fifa is a video game and this is a show, so you are pic related

when the FUCK is s2
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After I marry Onsa.
After season 2 of pumpkin scissors
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After the next sales slump.

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so yeah
i'm getting used to this i guess but wtf is happening?
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There's already a thread up >>158948211

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