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Who can stop up?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

I just go finished re-typesetting this madoka x berserk doujinshi, but I need some to translate the last one that wasn't already. I'll dump the rest too
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Ok /a/, you meet your waifu in the 2D world, how would she react?

Not very thrilled
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Depends, do I meet her at some point in her series? Or is it a brand new 2D world?
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>She sees my dick

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Why do bad things happen to boke's? They never mean no harm.
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Genki bakas are cutest when suffering.
yukko is a retard
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Who else loves Galko-Chan?

I donated the manga to our local library so the word of Galko will spread to today's youth.
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it's pretty alright
Damn right, that show's amazing!!
>I donated the manga to our local library
That's really nice of you anon.

Post them!
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There's still just one thing I don't quite understand. What happens to Adam/Kaworu? Is he fused into spooky-omnipotent-Rei in both body and soul now?
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Kaworu reincarnates into other timelines, including Rebuild.

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Keep catnapping. Cannot wake up on time. Great feeling

68: Valentine Capriccio 2
[Left] 'You came...!?' If you turn your head, then there...
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[Right] Whoa...

The day before Valentine's day

"Welcome back mama!"
"Yuuna-chan's really there!"
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"I'm sorry for coming in! My name is Yunohana Yuuna!"
"Hey, welcome!"

"Hey hey Yuuna-chan!"
"Can I like, pet you for a bit?"
"Aaghhh... mama!"
"Don't bother her!"

"We're making chocolate now, so you can do that later!"
"Right, Yuuna-san!"

"I'm a ghost... are you guys not afraid of me...?
>Chisaki chapter
>ChisakixMom oyakodon doujin was uploaded not long ago https://exhentai.org/g/1079568/c58d9e98ed/
Today is a great day.
fug forgot to spoiler link

The first episode was amazing. Definitely KyoAni's most stunning work to date, even when including their movies. The plot is nothing new but it seems to be very well directed, definitely an improvement over Kyokai no Kanata. This might be the first anime I actually import from Japan when the BDs come out.

Did anyone else here go to the screening panel?
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I have little faith in the director or the source material but I'm tentatively excited, reception for episode one seems very positive and there's a lot of hype surrounding it regardless.
>implying K-On will ever be surpassed
Violet is also the top airing show this season on MAL even though it airs next year.

read the guide buyfag.moe
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Stop buying with your dick.
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I want to motorboad this boat
Has anyone forwarded from Gift before? Is the box ever retardedly huge?

I want to marry deku
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Hori think he slick...
What is her ability again?
She can lube up her holes for fucking.

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Why do pettankos and lolis get so much better artists than girls with boobs?

>girl has some reasonably big titties and healthy hips, but is otherwise still cute and beautifully proportioned
>shitty western artists ruin them with disgusting enormous tumors with foot-long nipples and gross THICCCCCCCC thighs the size of tree trunks

I prefer a nice D cup over anything, but with A cup girls at least you don't have to deal with 90% of art disgusting exaggerating proportions. Thiccfags are cancer.
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A flat chest is harder to mess up. Can't exactly do "extremely flat"
because people into cowtits are retarded
Because bigger has to mean more sexy, right?

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>Mou ikkai~
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Gosh anon

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Is Nepgear an ESTJ?
I think so desu
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I know she's a murderer
Watch Me Neptune!

Threadly reminder that Gohan at his maximun power is as strong as SSB Goku, and he'll soon get a new transformation that will put him even higher than that. If you either don't believe nor like this you should just KYS, because it's canon and is what it's going to happen eventually.
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Use the catalog retard >>158957024
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> U2 has a yadrat
you done goofed toryiama

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