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Moyako has to be the purest girl in existence. So pure she doesn't even want anyone to have lewd thoughts about her. I think we misunderstood her motives the entire time
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Yukiko-san is very cute
That's a cow.

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Epic thread, simply epic.
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Posting in an IRC thread.
ugh like so cringey :/

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>Hellbent on killing the georgous angels with big titties with a giant drill device.

Please tell me that Charioce motivation is to have them all in the same house with Ceberus.
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>humans slave to gods and demons and always caught in the middle of their shit and getting hurt since beginning of time
>this is normal and ok
>humans say fuck it and free themselves and put demons and angels in their place finally
>this is not good those poor angels and demons :(

I fucking hate this shit
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Whill Charioce ever be redeemed? It seems like Nina forgives him.

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Why did this ending make me cry?
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Cause you're a fag.

Now only Chariot exists.
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>Croix lets hair down
>Becomes cutest witch in show

Why the fuck didn't they do this earlier?
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So, what the fuck is Japan waiting for to animate all the Slayers Novels with good budget and animation?

Its like they hate money or something
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Slayers is old and busted.
Os that one of those pre naruto animes no one fucking cares about?
It's not popular enough anymore, and the fact that Evolution-R and Revolution were bad is just the final nail in the coffin.
Trust me, Slayers is my favorite anime and I wish it had more quality content but it's just not plausible at this point. You imply that it would make money but it really wouldn't. Not only is Slayers no longer popular, but non-isekai medieval fantasy in general is not popular at all in Japan.

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ITT we post only the best girls

Shit taste not welcome
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Kallen's better
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So I finally got around to watching this, got halfway through so far. I don't know how to feel about Tomoko. That is, I don't know whether I want to hug her, tell her everything will be alright and be her friend forever or beat her around the head with a shovel till the suffering stops.

What did you anons decide?
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>What did you anons decide?
If you don't want to protect the smiles of anime girls why are you even here?

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Lets make our own, better version of Re:Creators. 8 characters, 4 for Team Creators and 4 for Team Fuck Creators. Altair wants to destroy the world, MC doesn't exist.
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No infodump, Magane can't do super jumps and agility. Show is 80% better

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Hi. Even someone like you is not entirely worthless, anon. Never give up!
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Fifth OVA best OVA
More like only good OVA.
You did well, Tomoe.

You did well.

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The official dub's cast has been revealed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI2_3OgCxso
It's all heresy.
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Dubs ruin everything
Why does Darling sound like Pheonix Wright?

But, yeah, these are some terrible dubbings.
can't wait to hear Brittney Karbowski make slurping noises for the popsicle scene

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What's his name again?
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ni nen buri desu ka
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>starting with best girl

>nips hate her
Amerifats are disgusting. Glad to see that the newest group's token "foreigner" is of European descent

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What is this kind of character archetype called?
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The Hayamin archetype
The retard archetype.
The excited about sausages archetype

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