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Black Clover anime will start in october
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Does anyone on /a/ want this
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>It's another 'wimpy dude actually has a good ability and is now doing good in his academy academy' setting
And not a single fuck was given that day.

Also, you have to be at least 16 to use this site.

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Hentai quote thread
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>that gunpla strapon

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Where my Juzo Boys at?
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Go for it big guy
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>tfw no one could even remotely control our boy Juzo
I'm still mad Fedoralord became likable and got offed in the same episode
I'm actually just still mad about DR3 but now that the threads and memes have worn off it's disappointment instead of funpost fuel

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Well, anon?
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Why haven't they fucked yet
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There needs to be more older women with glasses in main roles in anime/manga
I want to FUCK a widow

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>come home
>see this
What to do?
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kill them and then kill myself
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ask them all to leave
Keep the dragon and zandatsu the other two

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Why did the Kancolle anime flop so hard?
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Tried to be too many things and satisfied no one.
Not enough game bonuses
Because they changed canon personalities and pissed off the players with half-assed callbacks of it while ignoring the more important parts, like ships not being able to sink from full hp.

We think of ways to end zaShunina's suffering that aren't death.
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He'll be a virgin forever.
He's billions of years old. Surely he exchanged information with another anisotropic being.
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Some kind of Reverse Sansa that degrades his sense of the anisotropic so he's trapped in here with us but can live as a human. I'm sure he'd love it.

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Okay so here's the deal. Remember how I said this chapter might be delayed a week because we went to Anime Expo? Well, everyone kicked a bunch of ass and got shit done before the con. I was planning on typesetting this after I got home on Tuesday night but I got fucked by late buses and shit and ended up getting home at 11 PM. Also I got a bad cold. I was thinking of delaying this chapter a day so that I could slog through the typesetting but I'm riding a sudafed high(The old sudafed, the stuff they make meth out of), so it's late but let's fucking do this.

One note though, and I'm sure someone is going to bitch at me about this, but our QC isn't on right now and can't QC. I could wait till he gets on, but I figured you guys wanted the chapter now, so if you see anything wrong/missing, let me know and I'll fix it before I upload it to potato and shit. Mostly be on the lookout for capital I's that aren't in the words I, I'm, I'll, ect. I'm anal about those but sometimes I miss them.

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And of course I upload the first page and realize I didn't put the fucking title on like an asshole.

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Also, we're tired from AX.


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Uh, guys.....?

Did she seriously just.........
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Yep, she did. Hana's ship has sunk even further.
>pic related, tfw anons insisted that she only ever liked him as a friend

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I have no idea of what she is going to do
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Neither does she.
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She's going to avenge her lesbian, just like in her show.
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She will fight dragons. Hopefully for her one of the characters Hime will bring will be a dragon.

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He may have not been the smartest like Joseph or """cool""" like Jotaro but he was the best JoJo. He was the pinnacle of humanity. Despite being raised in a pampered and rich environment he still turned out kind and honorable. He dealt with horrible events with bravery despite never having experiences like that before and that commends respect. He had a natural wellspring of hamon and even if he let his anger get a hold of him near the end when he defeated Dio he still felt bad about it. His last action was to hug the person that made his life a living hell because from the beginning all he wanted was to be his friend.
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Jonathan was too pure for this world.
Who is your favorite then?

ITT god tier shounen shows
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That one is the pinnacle of shonen hands down, nothing comes close though Naruto is pretty good too
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yuyu hakusho is the best adaptation objectively
ruroken is pretty good
i like both hxh 99 and 11

shaman king needs a new adaptation although i have fond memories of the 4kids version
>New eras don't come about because of swords, they're created by the people who wield them

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Yay is one hell of a Drug.
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I want to violate Croix in Azkaban!
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Akko's stink has this weird effect, like it smells worst the more you smell it, but at the same time you can't stop yourself from wanting more of it.
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Perfection is also one hell of a drug

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>These guys fist fuck your waifu up the ass

What do?
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Call the cops. Have them arrested and take these dick butts to court. They'll soon taste the long dick of justice!
pick up the pieces

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What the fuck is even happening, /a/? Seriously.
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4 witches, 1 broomstick: the porno.
Kerbal Space Witch Program.

Multistage yay rocket. Recoverable witch stages.
I sure hope those witches make it.

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