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What does /a/ think of Cute Demon Grils: The Ecchi?

Mammon is obviously the hottest.
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Agreed Mammon is the hottest. But her episode was quite bad, except for the SM session with Lucifer.
Belphegor is pretty swell too though.
Its god's error they ain't real
But that's not Astaroth

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What does /a/ think about Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru?
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My absolute favorite series. The anime is great but the manga is a masterpiece.
Really liked it at first but by the end felt it wasn't top-tier Shaftshit
absolutely this

Does this look like the face of mercy to you?
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I want to PROTECT her
Can't you see she's a fucking psycho? Look at those dead eyes staring into nothingness. She's smiling at the misery of a malnutritioned depressed girl writhing on a hospital bed. You can't protect her anon, you have to PROTECT YOURSELF from her.

honestly dropped this as soon as this bitch ignored poor Mariko. It's clear that bitch needed some help.

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Stop not wanting Trigger to go bankrupt.
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they fuvking died.jpg
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He has fucking Armament Haki the explosion wouldn't do shit to his hands. Odas such a fucking hack but nobody says anything.
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nah, he can read minds but can't use reinforcement
This is the kind of thread where no matter how legit my argument against you is, you will always find a way to say 'HURRR DUUUURRRRR HACK HACK HAAAAACK IF YOU DISAGREE YOU SUCK ODA'S COCK", isn't it?

You're the kind of faggot who only highlights the contradictions yet never praises or acknowledges the good writings Oda has done because you just want to blindly hate on it.
He can, though not as strong as Zoro or Luffy. Oh, and he can't read mind either.

And armament Haki only functions to strengthen your attack, put up defense against physical attacks, and hit logias. Most likely won't mean shit with close range explosions.

But who cares, OP will always find a way to say "HURRR ODA A HACK YOU JUST SUCK ODA'S COCK DUUUURRRR".

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>Pick up Yahari since it's been in my Backlog forever
>Expect to be a Yukinofag since that's what I usually go for
>Instantly fall for Yui
What do you call this feeling?
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It's called having a shit taste
Good show tho
Blame the recent boom of popularity among popular girls.

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Characters that you would only protect. You wouldn't hurt them, or let anyone else hurt them.
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Can you protect then with your penis inside of them?
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I want to protect her sweat

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>there is trouble coming up with ideas
>it will take a long while to animate anything
>they're still very busy

It's almost been 5 years since Rebellion and they still are in the talking stages of making a sequel with no plans for the foreseeable future. RIP.
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Do they even have the script? At this pace this shit is gonna be announced in 2020.
Just give us light-hearted sol filler episodes while you wait for deep stuff
Please stop shitposting and constantly making garbage posts with bad images.

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I miss Birdy
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So Birdy was a top gravure Idol prior to Episode 1?
When you're a poorfag at the mercy of your building owner you've got to make ends meet somehow.
Say goodbye

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Where were you when the doki doki waku waku saved anime?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>Still no new Mai-Hime series

Why hath Sunrise forsaken us?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Wild schoolgirl appeared!
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Mugi, I choose you!
I set a monster face-down and end my turn.
Will prayer reach the heart of the cards?

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>came out of nowhere in a dire situation
>is supposedly so deadly that not a single person has been able to survive it
>is presented by Karin, the same cat that made a big deal about hard work and training, revealing that power has to be earned through dedication
>goes against the entire moral that its namesake had
>provides Goku with an enormous power boost that lets him overpower young King Piccolo

Was the biggest asspull in Dragon Ball actually not from Z at all?
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Not really, since it had been mentioned before. It didn't really come out of nowhere.
Without Goku's hardwork and dedication, he wouldn't have survived it. -and it he had, he still wouldn't have been strong enough to beat Piccolo.

Why the FUCK haven't you watched Rose of Versailles yet? You uncultured fuck.
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Pick one, darling.
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Please don't post in such an antagonistic manner, you have no way of knowing who here has more experience with the series than you do.

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AotY 2018
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boner ks.png
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>Cute girls in cold weather clothing
>Yuru Camp
>Yama no Susume

The year of comfy?
Who the fuck are C-Station and how will they screw this up

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