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hey guys you were right i didnt have the van outside my door. this book is massive though
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good to know you didn't get vanned anon.
i dont know if i should get another one. i have to have everything in my HDD sanitized

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wishful kumo.png
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Would you a spider, /a/?
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I'm enjoying this, but is she going to meet some other characters soon? She's been alone talking to herself for like twenty chapters.
I've been wanting to a spider my entire life.
you don't even know nigga

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What did they see, /a/?
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The Evangalion ending
Your ugly face

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How do you expect the Goku Jiren fight to go down?
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>Characters that were too good for this world

Pic related
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Wait a year.
silent my fare imouto it is sure to come in time due
>that fucking loli pout

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Are there any shows or manga from the perspective of someone who goes against an opposing protagonist and gets put down? Whether or not it's justified doesn't matter; I just wanna see what happens when someone does something they think is right and just gets overpowered at the climax, whether they get over it or not doesn't matter. Video games would also work, but I don't wanna ask fucking /v/
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Only bump

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Im finished Tsuki ga Kirei ans i think that Studio feel., finnaly, is findind his way.
What do you think is his best series?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Hey everybody, its Saturday Night. How are you doing?
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bae came over, gonna chill and watch Netflix with her

They better have the dick worms and Mapo Tofu in this. No exceptions.

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Think Rider's succubus dream would be a good indicator of whether we'll get fucking or vampires with Sakura? If they show pic related they'd probably just follow suit for the other scenes, but it's such a minor part that doesn't connect to anything else it could be vamps here, sex later.

Shit, might even be cutout entirely
There are so many alternate realities in this franchise. Which timeline is not the alternate universe but the main universe?
It's all canon.

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goth loli vampire.jpg
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>insert random questions
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Do you think Jircniv will realize that Ainz just wants to be his friend and doesn't plan to kill his empire?
When will the cover pic of vol12 be out?
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Which crossover would you want to see?

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Post recent anime news and announcements here.
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have a picture of my wife instead
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Threads for industry announcements are legit here buddy.

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Historie c99 p001.jpg
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Finally, a new chapter of Historie.
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Also, Volume 10 is out. I'll eventually get to it, maybe in the winter.
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Historie c99 p003.png
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Historie c99 p004.png
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What will his last words be?
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1st for Based Captain Rico
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I hope cutest boy in the world comes back soon
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Get Hype!

So I decided I was in the mood for some shounen shit anime.

Holy fuck I love this guy, why didn't you tell me this was so hilarious /a/?
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Because we can't account for your bad taste.
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All Might is fucking great.
What the fuck are you talking about newfag? There are daily threads about this manga

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