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Just for your information, Haruhi's message will reach Altair this year.
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The protag looks like a fuccboi.

Or is it a girl?
It is indeed a fuccboi.
So how technical will this actually get?

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Does anyone even care about Oniisama e?
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I just picked this up the other day because I was curious about its creator's work. I am about 5 episodes in; so far Kaoru no Kimi is best girl. Should I keep going with it or watch The Rose of Versailles instead?
You should watch both you turbonigger

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/Animeonlyfag/ here, is this supposed to be boring as fuck? It's the same in the manga? It has been five weeks and nothing has happened, i thought that at this point it would be a good quality arc but the anime is getting more and more bored, also, why everyone loves pic related? literally he's the most retarded and stupid main character of all the time
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kill yourself
Next week should be where it starts to roll considering the preview
a lot of people also hated this part of the manga,the first half of whole cake was considered bad,but next week and after that,there is nothing but praise for the arc,

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So what are you going to do when Misuzu finally betrays Tomo-chan?
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Same probably
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She's already being betrayed by Carol

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This show is a stellar example of style over substance in any medium. Which is sad because its popularity overshadows a lot of different shows that have better things to say for this medium. I hate how this is the face of anime. Where people celebrate things like these. Ultimately. this show does nothing right. It has fanservice but it's creepy and uncomfortable. This is the best show for people who don't care what their anime are and just wants cute girls on it. But there are cuter girls and better animation elsewhere if you look for it. You like it because it's the new anime with the cute girls and that's what's wrong with you people. It's disgusting and a terrible show.
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Nigger, it's standard industry stuff.

It's just mild comfy "genre" pastime, like 99% of modern anime.
Lemmie guess, first time seeing a generic harem show? Dont watch garbage and complain it's garbage.

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Here I am, this is me.
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That's some anon's wife, don't joke like that.
I'm tooorn into pieces
Can't deny, can't pretend
Just thought you were the one

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Who here scared?

I want to be optimistic but how can adult swim and Production IG match or beat the pinnacle of Gainax?

What if they pull it off?

What if the west saves anime?

Also.... who ready for Naota to be the next commander amarao and out of jealousy and madness hunt down haruko the same way amarao did
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Naota married Ninamori.
I want /co/ to leave.
>Also.... who ready for Naota to be the next commander amarao and out of jealousy and madness hunt down haruko the same way amarao did

What scares me is that they would give Naota some big heroic entrance that completely shits on the themes of the original for cheap fanservice

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Wtf i love horses now
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top gear kemono friends.jpg
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There's new content all the time
Cafes, the OST release, stage plays, a new crossover with horse girls etc.
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Oh Yeah.
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Top kek
>these are the best lewds we'll ever get of Daryll and twins
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This is gonna be a good thread.

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So I just finished watching all of the Berserk animes, and was wondering why this guy is considered a villain? He did nothing wrong
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Chillin' out with the crew in the school yard,
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The later seasons are complete shit.

i want to FUCK mamika
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delete this

Her hair looks like pink marshmallow. Imagine caressing her soft warm face and moving your hand up to her hair. You bend closer and smell a fruity note, then you put it in your mouth and chew on it. Mmmmmmmm delicious strawberry fluff.
You can't fuck a dead body anon, also checked

Why do fags act so gay?
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Is that a self-reflection questions?
They need to find a partner.

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You're walking down the street when this girl blocks your path saying something about how she is curious about something. What do you do?
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[X] impregnation

Politely inform her if I know the answer and if not apologize and be on my way.
unzip dick and let her study it

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