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>"The strongest man in the world is waiting for me"
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>All my cells are singing with joy.

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Starting with the drawing that Araizumi made yesterday.

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New Slayers LN when?

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>it's the final save point before the Hero chooses to embark to the irrevocable final stage of the game
>Sexy Librarian Meteora offers the Hero the opportunity to rest the night to prepare
>Sexy Librarian Meteora huskily whispers that she's not gonna let him get any sleep in that bed, though
>Cid and Barret both sitting in the corner, just watching Hero go at it while they smoke Cid's last pack of cigarettes
souta doesn't deserve girls after what he's done

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Trap mecha show aired
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how was it?
isn't this another ridiculous isekai? The one about the gundam nerd?
Finally some real mecha, not that gundamshit.

>It can't be helped
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What really makes me hard is the ~
Whenever I hear that line I think "Can't it be? Can't it be helped?" To be honest, in most cases I find the situation could be helped.

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FAP to Meteora Österreich?
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This version? Yes. Should've made her the primary version. Also, this episode really broke the 4th wall a few times, didn't it.
I did!
You are aware that Österreich is a country?

Meteora von Österreich would have made more sense, seeing as they can't use the name Habsburg or Habsburg-Lothringen.

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The campaign has met its goal of 10 million yen.


The new project's story is set aboard the Megazone 11, a different space colony ship fleet from the Megazone 23 in the 1985 original video anime. Megazone 11's master ships are designed as realistic simulations of Earth cities such as Tokyo, and there is also a satellite ship that is designed to resemble a smaller Japanese provincial city around the year 2020.

The protagonist Sakura is an ordinary second-year middle school student who lives aboard that satellite ship. She leads a secret life as part of a singing duo with Eve, a friend she made online.

On a master ship, a resistance movement flares up. To achieve independence, they must take control of Tiamat, the system that controls the fleet, but the key to the system was lost in battle 80 years ago. With rumors of its reappearance surfacing, both the resistance and the government are seeking the key.

One day, while visiting Akihabara on the Tokyo ship to meet Eve, Sakura is embroiled in the middle of a terrorist attack at the train station. As Eve remotely guides Sakura to safety, Sakura comes across Garland XI, a transforming motorcycle robot mecha that Eve tells her to use.
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>(pronounced "sai" as in the Greek letter)
What Greek letter is pronounced like that?
Eve looks cute. Cautiously optimistic although I only liked Part III and certain bits of Part I and II.
I didn't like how they completely changed the art between the parts. It was difficult seeing them as the same characters when they looked completely different.

Why the fuck is TG fandom obsessed with Hide`s character? Connecting him to every mystery in Tg`s universe. Just fucking stop. He`s fucking dead you delusional fucks.
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Show me a body, faggot.
Nice Trips
But by your logic Kaneki`s mom could be still alive bcs we haven`t seen her lifeless dismembered body.

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I used to love harem anime in the past but now every time I try to watch a harem anime (old or new) I can barely watch more than one episode. Same goes for imouto anime. Why is that? The irony is that video games anime like Persona 4 and Pokemon Sun/Moon are much better and enjoyable harem anime material.
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shit taste arsa oake
It's called growing up anon. Happy 15th birthday
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you'll get bored of anything with enough exposure, probably time to move on from haremshit either for good or come back to it after other experiences.

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What is this expression trying to convey?
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>he sees the thread you made too early like a fucking faggot
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>"mom look I made a thread, I always wanted to make a thread"

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What would look like the nen beast of Chrollo ? Would it be something as fucked up as Tserried's one ?
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Chrollo's nen beast would be a floating book
No, Chrollo's too cold and indifferent for that kind of shit. Tse is Ed Gein type of depraved psychopath
It would be a flaming anus symbolizing how Hisoka and his fans feel

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Season 3 when?
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I want to tear Meow's ass up.
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What do you think about the planetarium?
That beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter when.
All the stars in the all the sky are waiting for you.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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gundam 0079.jpg
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what the fuck did i just watch ?
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Mobile Suit Gundam
You did this to yourself. Godspeed
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[nakulas] Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ - 01v2 (Ohys-Raws).ass

Subs out! Get in here.
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>[Kirika being Kiriika]
I want to get in Hibiki.
I don't know about these subs. The guy who did them says they're bad so they must be really bad

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