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where are the other 9?
you'll have to find them out by yourself
why not Top 10 anime betrayals

With all due respect to Eromanga Sensei's episode 11, Re Creators just won the best episode of the year.
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Every single show of Spring 2017 was shit.
Re:floppers has yet to impress.

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I hope we get to see more of tintin
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So exactly how the fuck did shiggy diggy get away with destroying UA's front gate when there were all those reporters there?
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The first Tsu posted is a precious one, please protect her
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deku mom.jpg
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Astolfo is a cute man.
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Subs never ever

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First for husband
I want to suck his tits

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I've finished the anime some time ago and I was thinking about reading the manga. A lot of people here seemed to dislike the ending, so putting that aside, is it worth reading?
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would you mind giving me some reasons please?
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there's a lot

off the top of my head, the wholly static cast and setting from the start of the tournament to the end which is like 20 volumes of the same crap, the fights are boring and defenders of the series will probably say they're not the draw and praise the ending where they can only convince hao and not beat the shit out of him it doesnt excuse the dozens and dozens of boring action scenes for a battle manga, the pacing is also really slow but thats what happens when you introduce your whole cast a third of the way in

oversouls are gay
i keep bitching about the cast and thats because all of them are boring as hell and dont do anything interesting, the central protagonists are all imma do what yoh says even if they disagree at points and have their own quirks and the central antagonists are all literally just hao worshippers who have no personality except for how they look until near the end where a few of them start changing their minds

to me the high point is when hao attacks a golem shaman using the spirit of fire while they're in the golem so its like hes cooking a jew in an oven

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Still waiting
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This is your wife (male) for the night
fuck netflix

Spring-17 anime has just concluded.

Any anons out there watching other "leftovers" that you simply forgot or decided to save it later for "binging" ?

pic related - my spring-17 leftover
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>Still watching anime.
>Not reading manga instead.

Cool people read manga, pal.
How could you to miss the MC so brave he dared to fist clockgirls

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Did they succeed?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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why even watch anime weekly?

>dat video QUALITY
>CR "translation"
>what is typesetting?
>takes half a year to watch something you could easily finish in a day
>fortunately not frequent but mistakes which are fixed in BDs
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Because that is the format it is released in.
Because discussing currently airing anime with fellow /a/nons is the closest thing to socializing i get.
Oh, what the hell, I'll bite.
1. Unless it's airing on BS11 or something of similar quality, the TV raws look WORSE.
2. The translation is fine. If you have a problem with something it's most likely the editing.
3. Who needs typesetting? Just translate the signs.
4. Yeah, but that one day is at least 3-9 months AFTER the last episode airs.
5. Stop watching re-encodes or on shitty streaming sites.
6. Legit, especially for echhi shows.

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She was claimed by the violent rapist shark monster.

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What did she mean by that?
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she was an idol. a cute one also.
she appears on several JAVs

What would a threesome with Ritsuko and Kotori be like?

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You guys said Satania was best girl when it was actually Raphiel?
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Nice falseflag, Sataniafag. No one ever said that.
Go back to r/Satania where you belong.

Stop over analyzing this trash
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but it's fuuuuuuuuun
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Soon as you stop overanalyzing DIS *grabs crotch, moonwalks away*

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Kimi iro days is ahead of its time!
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Thought it was The Demon in the Floor for a second.

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