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>May Fair
Christmas is over already.
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Dont forget. Akko will be turned into a candle when she dies

Scent will be stinky fish
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>Rewatch the first cour on netflix
>Never skip the OP
It just makes me too happy.

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Will this series ever be popular on /a/ again?
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It died during the second season, so probably no.
If they ever made more Strike Witches and not that Brave Witches garbage
May be if they bring back 503.

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Isn't Dio a little too cute for a boy?
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wrong dio baka
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Not even best Dio
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>can barely control his stand


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Discount Yukino a shit. Also, this show sucks.
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Fight me

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What are /a/'s thoughts on Sailor Benis?
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New episode in 20 minutes.
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Who will job first?
Is attacking your foe on their genitals or on their eyes allowed?
As far as we know, yes.

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Why did they kill him and what was up with all the blullshit reasoning?
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He was a dangerous information junkie, he needed to get NTR'd out of our universe.
how is the one they replaced him with better? What good about losing all the technology? is having a 16 year old raised in isolation commit a murder a good parenting move?
The series realized natural development was the way to go instead of rapid bursts to satisfy some retard's information fix.
The technology was crap in the series, it didn't even bother to show a single negative consequence.

>All dat quality
>Real chink cartoon
>Retarded premise
>Retarded characters

Did anyone else watched the AOTS?
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*tips fedora*
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Haha yeah man, how stupid do you have to be to learn using the physical evidence you have over some story with no solid proof?
Great thread

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How did he meme people into thinking he's a good director?
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Patlabor was good.
by being a good director

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How can this song be so perfect without a single word?
It makes me think about my life,past and future. This song makes me feel the emotions I can't describe.
And to think that it matches so perfectly Guts and his thinking moments that we can only guess.

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A song doesn't need lyrics
Ask Mozart
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I think that the reason this song works so well is that it's used to create an atmosphere. And this atmosphere repeats itself again and again in Berserk '97. I'm not sure if I'm attaching the right word to it, but I would call it an atmosphere of "contemplation". Even with the variation of scenes this song shows up in, it is always meant to accompany a period of self-reflection, or a lull in the action of the life Guts lives that forces him to look at himself and his surroundings; the actions he takes and the people he allows to come close to him

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I don't get it.
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if you so stupid watch it with the directors commentary
I wish I could watch this for the first time again.
>We wrote Shiori as a negative character. She's very self-conscious about being possessed by ghosts but she's not one who would actually do anything about it herself. Of course, Anthy's like that too. Anthy is also quite self-conscious about being possessed by a ghost but Shiori expresses that in a far more negative way.

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Does Cole mate with Horbo Jr. in this book?
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Well I can't read moon but it looks like she fucks old men for money here.
Her hair turned white from all the cum.

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>he didn't download the Maid Dragon stickers by KyoAni for their LINE(tm) installation to use while chatting with friends
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you lost me there, anon.
Nobody who enjoyed Maidragon has friends.
I can't find it on the store

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>Champa has brought in two mistery fighters.
>Champa has wanted a Goku for a while.
>Calvados plucks two sayans from timeline so that Champa gets his wish
>Goku Black and Trunks
>Both are promised a timeline back if they win, via Super dragonballs.
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
I really don't like the U6 Saiyans.
He sure is.

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