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Is her voice this bad in the manga? Alraedy considering dropping this shit
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Her voice is fantastic in the manga. But I don't mind it in the anime. I think it's fitting.
I'll take the bait

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It's a ruse until I see a PV.
>New remix for @AnimeExpo #AX2017 Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt / TeddyLoid - Theme for Scanty & Knee Socks (2017 VIP)

>New remix for @AnimeExpo

Says nothing about S2. The [quote]2017 VIP[/quote] part is just the name of this remix.

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ufotable perfect
deen best music
a-1 best adaptation
SL best yuri
Lerche best funny

Nasu made a mistake
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Is she really dead?

I know death doesn't really mean much in Dorohedoro seeing as people usually get resurrected, but for some reason I feel like this one is real.

If she does get saved, how do you think it will happen? The En Family are still alive along with Kikurage but I also feel like Hole is going to turn on Chidaruma since he's still technically a magic user, just a more advanced one. Maybe Chidaruma could get desperate and bring her back instead.
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new chapter when
How long until this ends?
I decided to not finish reading it until it ends after I caught up a few years ago.
Can't stand the waiting.

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>Episode title: The battle begins!
>Next episode title: The new champion!
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>Kalos League Victory!
>reading ahead and being angry at spoilers
You are not very clever, are you?

>Mahotsukai no Yoru will never be taken seriously
>100% EN never
>Anime never
>Type-Moon will keep making more spin offs of Fate shit and genderbend more legends for the next 10 years
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>all ages
>no voices
>some faggot are touchy-feely with Shiki's beloved sensei

>Mahotsukai no Yoru will never be taken seriously
What a surprise(sarcasm).
Why wasn't it popular?

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What is your favorite smex scene in a anime show?
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why is she blushing if she's a whore?
she was pure that episode.

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>Anime and Mang board
>"Read the LN/VN"
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>american anime and manga board
>dub sucks lol
Things tend to get lost or changed the more times it gets adapted. Watching the anime adaptation of a manga adaptation of a LN means you're gonna miss out on quite a bit. With VN's there might be multiple routes.
>anime and manga board
>western anime/manga aren't allowed
Most western manga artists, and western anime creators, identify as Japanese, which makes them Japanese. To not treat their creations as Japanese in spite of what the makers identify as is racist.

I've spoken with many of the people who worked on Avatar: The Last Airbender, and every one I spoke with told me they identified as 100% Japanese. That makes A:TLA anime, since it's a cartoon created by mostly Japanese people. Therefore, it should be fine to talk about it here. I don't get it.

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The name's Harry Champ, I'm a man who's destined to be king!
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Bill Collins:
>I'm a real Wyatt Earp, pussycat.
man, I miss Zoids

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I found the Azumanga Daioh omnibus on my local bookstore, should I get it? how's the omnibus itself? I heard it cut some things but I'm not sure
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Why don't my threads ever get any replies
I think amazon also sells it
>not reading it in the original Japanese

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>it's an opponent is a master in their own culinary field and cooks a 10/10 groundbreaking dish and Soma beats them with fermented cow dung with 10 day old hobo vomit glazing episode
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Thanks for putting this better than I ever could. I had an idea about writing a similar analogy, but never got round to it
i liked how it started off, in that he was winning BECAUSE he had the practical experience.

then it just went to schwarbage.
>fermented cow dung with 10 day old hobo vomit glazing episode

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opinion on Genocyber?
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It's mildly radical, bro.
It's a gory trainwreck.
edgy garbage

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
It's only 7 of clock here
What's the purpose of this post everyday
What happened to Sakura fish poster

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Today is not best gup's birthday, don't wish her a happy birthday /a/.
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I want to fuck Saori's fat ass.

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Promised Neverland Volume 4 PV


I'm sure you guys have seen this already, but can anyone who knows moon translate the phrases that pop up? They're probably just quotes from the manga but I want to know.

Also general discussion. I bet the demons who saved them are vegetarians or something and we're being double-reverse rused.
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Neverland's girls are cute!
But Emma is the best. BEST!
>demons are vegetarians
The demon in chapter 1 literally talked about human meat tasting the best as well as eating cats and wanting to eat Conny's pinky finger

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