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If boruto and sarada fuck will their children have rinnegan ??

> why the fuck did they choose to make this series for kids making it this slice of life bullshit this world still has so much to explore

There are only a few ways to get rinnegan
#1 eating the fruit
#2 somehow get all the 9 beast power in you body and control it some way
# 3 merge the two sons genetics By letting boruto and sarada fuck
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HOLY SHIT stop fucking spamming threads you faggot.

QUALITY thread
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Why is he so alpha?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

This is the birthday girl, Tsumugi. Say something nice that does not involve black cocks, it's a shitty forced meme
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Mugi is the sexiest keion and I will masturbate to her today in celebration.

AOTS right here, fellas
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Se with Yumeko!
Kaiji ripoff!
can the anime studio deliver the manga arts?

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It'll get leaked anyways by Monday but here's a rough translation from JP->ENG if you haven't been informed of this.

- ToP Arc will consist of 34 episodes (excl. this episode). There will be one filler/flashback during this arc, as well as one break (ie. no episode 27 weeks from now if no issues arise).

- There will be a new OC scene (two, the first will be the third version of the current and presumably will alter only the scene of Goku powering up as well as replacing the scene with Gohan and Piccolo (the exact wording isn't clear); while the new one will take effect on/after(?) Episode 28.

- Order of knock-outs for U7:
Roshi -> Tien/Krillin (simultaneously) -> #18 -> Piccolo -> #17 -> Vegeta -> Goku -> Frieza -> Gohan

- zamasu appe- jk there will be a flashback/filler episode regarding Dohoji(?) in regards to U10. I don't have any other information or translation except that this has something to do with GodTube and the purpose of this episode is unknown.

- There will be two deaths in the ToP, and four disqualifications, as the third and fourth disqualification will be abused due to the nature of the ToP rules.

- U4 will be erased in Episode 27 by Zeno-Oh (of the Present).
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Yaffsquad's got this!
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why are they so cute and sexy?
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gohan fights jiren.jpg
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So does this mean pic related is happening?

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Why do people like this cut rate of a cut rate of a character?
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It's easy to be better than the original when the original is dog shit. The Sasuke comparisons just make him look better.
Fuck off Narutard
>4 narushit threads up...

fuck off and die.

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best manga of all time
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but I love phoenix
Steel Ball Run when it gets animated

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Give her the Deku
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Lady pose.png
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We /cm/ now?
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Me and the other 10 swordfags in the board.
I didn't remember the name of this show from a season or two back when I dropped it before when I realized it was a fujo show. It seems ufotable's versions is a bit less about gay swords living together, but I'm sure once ufotable has blown their wad on this battle scene against the army of temporal zombie samurai it'll go straight back to the kitchen. Just like Shirou.

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Clannad means family
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It sure does.
didn't they mess up and that's not actually the word for family?
Dango dies

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BLACK zetsu ruin this entire series !

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Yeah, that's about right.
It was shit anyway.
fuck u faggot u will never find what u are looking for and just you whole life looking annd feeling unfulfilled

> your only solution is to KYS

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Who will be best boy?
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>literally all faggots
None of them
what is this fujoshit

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Im finished Tsuki ga Kirei and i think that Studio feel., finnaly, is findind his way.
What do you think is his best series?
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Yahari I'd say

S2 art style is garbage compared to S1 though
Yosuga ofc

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mind game.gif
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What the fuck did I just watch?
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are you from reddit?
you watched what is probably the worst masaki yuasa's work.

the god segment was REALLY GOOD though
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>the worst masaki yuasa's work.

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