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Would you like an ending like Naruto?
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No but yes.
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first for based Captain Rico

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Speedsubs are out.
Simulcast announcement soon.
Cartel subs never ever.
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Gaijin chart needs a screenshot for episode one. Shoot screens.
Meme cartel subs will happen, it's just that no one will download them if we have speedsubs and/or simulcast subs.

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Will Caesar get revenge for how he's been treated this arc?
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Nope. He's gonna keep being used as a tool till he eventually meets up with Buggy and joins his crew.

Ceasar CLOWN
Buggy the star CLOWN

Oda couldn't have made it more obvious.
Quick question /a/, is Luffy the closest pirate to being pirate king? What is he missing and who else has what he is looking for? Right now he has thePirate Alliance, two of the Poneglyphs readings in his possession, and the only person we know of who can translate them. His crew and influence is now starting to take shape, and I want to know where you guys think the story is going to go from here.

Sorry for being an autist about this, but here's to hoping this thread isn't shipper nonsense
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This is Sanji's girl. Tomorrow is her birthday.
What will you give her /a/?

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How badly would the fanbase self-destruct if the White Queen gets her anime before Index 3?
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Does the Raildex fanbase even still exist?
An LN and 5 manga series are enough to sustain a fanbase and daily threads with 80-100 or so posters.
Especially since the LN volumes are always fully translated within a week and three of the manga have their chapters done within a day or two after release.
No. The daily threads on /a/ for the past 8 years never existed and neither do all the autistic nips that ask for S3 at every opportunity.

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Find a flaw.
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>betrothed to a man (a transvestite)
>sleeps with a different man (best friend of her fiance)
>in love with a third man (her doctor)
And she's a dyke on top of that.
No spoiler.
you talk of Akane.

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It can end like this can it?
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Author is sick. in Japan it mean that she will never recover even though she really want to live and that this scene is the very last of Noragami.
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I hear that she wants to get married when she feels better again.
I mean it wouldn't be the worst ending in the world. Everyone has someone to fuck in this ending.

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Volume 1 & 2 raws are out, but no one has picked them up?
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I have assassinated the fansubbing community.
Buy a CR pass.
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ITT: Hardcore bullying
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So did he ever actually tell Suzaku what really happened with Euphy?
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No. He lied to Suzaku and said that he ordered her to do it on purpose. I think this was because Suzaku would't have believed it was an accident either, and at least this way her death officially has some kind of meaning.
I know he said that when they met at the shrine, but Suzaku knew he was lying. There was also plenty of time to explain what happened afterwards when Lelouch had become the emperor.
I just realized how mind-bogglingly retarded naming Suzaku "Knight of Zero" was. He might as well have just taken off the mask after killing Lelouch.

>but Suzaku knew he was lying

Did he? I don't remember that.

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This did not go as expected.
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u say that u dont ove the awesome CGI-implications?


I actually think the CG looks great for 2009.

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Hey /a/, look at this nep.
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Nep nep
Good nep.

Good nep.
berry ebil and rude

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This will be the announcement that makes /a/ stop hating trigger.
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That of their dissolution?
shill la shill s2
>that makes /a/ stop hating trigger

You're acting like /a/ is the only place disappointed by how Trigger keeps making flop after flop since 2013

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>God Tier
One Piece
Air Gear

>Top Tier
Nanatsu no Taizai
Medaka Box
Soul Eater

>Mid Tier
Yu Yu Hakusho

>Low Tier
Fairy Tail
Saint Seiya

>Shit Tier
Akame Ga Kill
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
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Where is JJBA? Also, I'm curious why D.Gray-man is low on your list. I personally enjoyed it.
Move BnHA, OP, Toriko and FT one tier down, move YYH,one tier up. Original DB top tier.
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>Battle shounen
>God tier
Oh, man, this'll be a good thread.

>Air fucking Gear
I'm dying here.

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SnK confirmed to end on chapter 130 in august 2020, as of Isayama's most recent delusion.
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Fake news.
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Zeke it is time.
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1st for based captain Rico

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Let's talk about historical mangas/animes.
What's your favorite one?
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Historical stuff tends to get dropped by translaters in my expierence.

Kingdom is the only one i still regularly follow.
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Lone wolf and Cub, the setting is just perfect
How many more times will Eumenes get cucked before the series ends?

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