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I really can't remember a thread about it, not even mentioned the manga or the anime
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Slow start but really good, sadly the anime ends just when the manga becomes a full blown adventure series.
I remember it being quite interesting, and the manga is better. I thought this would be somehow popular here
We have Yona threads once in a while, it was quite popular when it was airing.

What are some of your favorite settings in anime?
Are there any really unique ones that stuck with you?

For me I've always really liked the setting of Eureka Seven, it was explored pretty well and it felt like the world was really alive.
The counterculture aesthetic and the classic Mecha influences made for a fun and almost renaissance-esque take on the genre.
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Early season 1 of Chaika set up a pretty interesting and original fantasy world.

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They are going to animate tate no yuusha no nariagari

>see studio Kinema Citrus

>see original net anime

>Busou Shinki

The anime is saved

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I really don't get why it's hyped up so much around here. I read the manga up to the latest point around a year ago, and I failed to see what's special about it. The MC doesn't even do cool or unique things with his shield. Typical MC who's been wronged so he has an edgy streak about him.
What all Guardian Fighter mains want/roleplay.
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>You'll see this smile animated in your lifetime

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Her eyes are so cute there.
something happened?

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How different would Fate/Stay Night be if Shirou summoned Mordred?
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Directors: Kazuto Arai/Hiroshi Ikehata (Ahoboy)/Kei Suezawa/ Toshihisa Kaiya/Yuki Ogawa/Yoshihide Ibata
Chara D: Chikashi Kubota

Directors: Yutaka Uemura/Kiyotaka Suzuki
Chara D: Yuchi Takahashi (Gatcha chara d)
IG x NUT x Revoroot

Oshiyama mechanical D on both.
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Will you be watching this? What do you think about Haruko coming back? What do you think about the character designs?
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I only care about Haruko.
Literally only westerners care about FLCL.
Wouldn't be FLCL without her
Everyone looks fine except the new MC but maybe there's a reason for that.

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Apologize to Carol now.

Holy Shit!! I don't expect a confession or anything, but this is pretty damn exciting.

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Rapehorse (female) is cute, what kind of powers is it going to have?
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It's in the name, rape will be its power
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Pitou is a GIRL
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Who will be the first U7 Jobber to try and DIE?
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Most likely Tien
I want Vados to ____
Who cares about animation.

Does Hermes actually speak, or is Kino just talking to herself?
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Hermes actually speak.
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What's so weird about Hermes talking?
Hermes is an entity, it's that dude who died for little Sakura.

So I was at the panel. Here's some backstory we got for LWA.

Pic related, it's tattun.

Sucy was said to have been abandoned by her parents and she wasleft with only a bottle of poison when abandoned. She is said to be searching for her parents using the poison bottle as her only clue. They said rewatch episode 8 as there is clues about her backstory

Amanda is the grandaughter of a powerful and rich fortunteller and the family used less than ethical methods to financially ruin enemies. She is at the academy to become a fortune teller, but apparantly doesn't want to take over the family business which is why she is a delinquent, trying to get expelled.

Jasminka apparantly eats nonstop because she is appeasing dark spirits contained within her body, and they will be released if she doesn't feed them.

Constanze was very sick as a young child, so in order to keep her alive, part of her spirit was fused with another object (tattun stated it was like voldemort) and the downside is that it substantially weakens her magic. She can refuse but that also means her illness will also come back. The thing she is fused with is her little sidekick robot/gun/wand, which is why it's always by her side.
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doing gods work here
Was he the one talking the whole time, or was that someone else?
Isn't all of this old info? Anything new?

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>Not unusual
>Not fresh
>Not quirky
>Not weird
>Not cool
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She just looks boring and those head phones are seriously shit, i hate her already.
This could work as a background character, but as a lead? nope.
the guy in the pv looked more like an mc
wow it's almost as if you described Naota before his world got flip turned upside down!

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Remember this anime /a/ back when ultra violence and being raw af was a thing.
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Best yet tragic girl
Who is that? Looks like a Cutie Honey rip off.

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