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Memeteora ended being a smug cunt right?

Best 19y onee san in pic
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Is it oyako-don if her creator fugs her?
I can't believe they ended the show like that.
Never saw it coming

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>take an awful character and turn her into a generic half-naked $5 whore
>everyone declares her the best thing ever because they just want to infodump her brains out

Do none of you have any standards?
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Why did her face suddenly become much uglier?
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No one was replying to your posts in the main thread so you had to go and make one for yourself, huh?
>Not liking best girl because you have ADHD and can't read
>replying to your own post
Literally kys

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I just watch serial experiments lain. I liked it but can someone explain ?
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everyone is connected
even you
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edgy, pretentious shit

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goblin is very strong goy.png
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Her power origin has been revealed.

How could this goblin be slayed?
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They are working on it

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How can japan make flip phones great again against korean invasion?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Which one /a/?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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It's been 531 days since you first met her. Do you still love her?
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Are you implying I could stop?
Fuck off with your shitty threads.
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>[Mezashite] Aikatsu Stars! - 063 [1230383C]
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It was ok most of the tracks weren't that great but the few that worked were really good with Pure・Amore・Love [Y&Co. Eurobeat Remix] being the best.
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Would Mordred have been a good Servant to Shirou in the Fate Route?
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She would have been a good Daugher for Shirou.
Oh, subs are out?
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ultimate grail war.jpg
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The feeling's gone; it feels like
There ain't no magic in your eyes

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it's just not fair
; _ ;
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We've been tricked by gainax once again.Time to off myself

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Where can I find the Trigger stream from today?
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In the trash you cancerous mobile poster.
Kill yourself faggot
spotted the KyoAni fanboy.

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what's your favorite low iq anime? for all those times you just don't feel like flexing your brain muscles

pic related for me
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This is a trick question, since your criteria applies to every anime ever.
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couldn't ever finish that one, was way too low iq for me.

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Is this too gore to get an anime adaptation?
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They'll never adapt the rest of HxH as it is. The 2011 series was the last shot. atm there's only enough material for a handful of episodes, maybe 10 at most, and the series moves so slowly due to hiatuses and wall of text chapters that there will never be anything much to work with
We saw Phinks twisting necks in the anime.

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Shoujo shuumatsu ryokou anime adaptation confirmed.
It's a manga series like BLAME! without Killy. Instead we have a pair of cute girls.
"Girls last tour" is Engrish. The title 少女終末旅行 means "Post-apocalypse journey of girls"
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Hopefully it won't be CGI.
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From left to right, Chii and Yuu.
There's no scanlation cus Yen Press licensed the manga in English and already released the first volume on May 23.

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Will meme magic allow us to finally have a Ghost Slide adaptation?
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There was an anime? Unless this is like the Tsukihime meme?
>we get a ghost slide adaptation
>it's berserk tier
Adaptations never do the source justice, give up hope and be happier for it OP. Ghost Slide is perfect as is.
Which ghost would you fuck?

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