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>Fight for the Lord Charlemagne and create an empire
>Spend entire life killing Saracens
>Hundreds of years later Japan turns you into a girl with a dick

I can't help but feel Astolfo would've hated his animated counterpart
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Shouldn't have crossdressed in the legend

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Leave FLCL 2 to me
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her design is so fucking shit
Should have just made Mamimi the mc
Literally perfect

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I recently came across this manga and really enjoyed it, so I thought I'd dump all the chapters that have been released and translated thus far. I'll be doing a volume each day. Hope you guys enjoy.
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Why is Mordred so better than Arturia?
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Superior armor and personality
Her voice is pure sex.
Better personality, cooler armour, better voice, does not job as much and more sympathetic (not her fault Morgana was a bttch).

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You're going to read this smelly hobos manga, right /a/?

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I guess nobody really likes kat.

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pics of cute anime girls with guns
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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What do you think of anime girl who are 'realistic'? realistic in the sense that the show does a fair job of showing both their compassionate side which is usually the case for female characters and their inner demons and desires.

Who is the best writer/creator who does this sort of focus on female characters?

pic not related
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I like female characters who are complex, but not realistic as real women are disgusting.
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>pic not related
>posts in anyway
what did he mean by this?
The basis of your statement is that 'realism' is realistic. It isn't. Averages are defined on massive population groups, which doesn't mean much on an individual level. On average most are stable but a little quirky. In reality you have stepford wives and catholic schoolgirls on one front and crackwhores and the legitimately mentally unstable/defective on the other.

The 'average' woman doesn't exist in any meaningful capacity. There are turbo-normies, and straight up fuckin weirdos. The in-between is the exception not the rule.

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>So why do you like him?
>Because he is so nice to me.
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The worst is when they literally don't even have a reason. That one happened in Kiss x Sis.
That happens in basically all harem anime with beta mc.
Well duh. How am I supposed to self-insert into a character with redeeming qualities?

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Why don't people recommend Haruhi anymore?
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Haruhi is my favorite series but I swore to never discuss it again after the pachinko fiasco. It hurts too much
i read the first volume of the LN but didn't find it very interesting and dropped it

>you will never sing and dance with them
>ywn be a school idol
>ywn make cute costumes and write happy songs with them

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Geez, get a life anon.
Love Live is my life.
I'd just settle with dating any of them except Rin

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Claymore live action movie then?
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After WW success is possible.
Live action would never do the monster designs and fights justice, I have no idea why you'd want it.
Many waifus.

I don't think I can watch this any further.
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Isit just me or did the series get pretty boring after the third season? Currently left with final stage.
Not as much boring as there's a shift in tone. It's still good, just a different kind.
After the final chapter, should i read the manga? Or does the anime end the same as the manga did?

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>OP by T.M Revolution
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He always has the same tone in his songs but I can't get enough of it

is Takanori still making OP/ED? last time I saw one was with Valvrave

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>mfw all the starting animes of the summer season are shit
Hold me /a/
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Back to shiddit with you.
What animes are worth watching this summer?

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S2 or some OVA announcement soon friends. You just gotta believe. Because a believing heart is our magic!
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I believe in you, anon
ah this happens with me on every anime because i want more but i dnt think this could iwould like if it did but hat will they d in it just hand out
under an hour left I believe

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