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/a/, what is the most absurd anime you've ever seen?

Picture related for me.
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Ninja Nonsense

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Does anyone know where the other Inferno Cop specials from previous conventions are?
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So who's the traitor? It has to be someone involved in class 1-A, and someone who has been near or at the centre of every incident. It can't be Deku for obvious reasons, which due to this arc leaves us with the following:

- Aizawa-sensei
- Tsukauchi
- Frog
- Uraraka
- Kirishima

Aizawa is out of the running because he's the first one (through internal dialogue) to bring up the traitor from within. Kirishima is too much of hot blooded manliness to be it. Uraraka is a maybe. But the big ones are Frog and Tsukauchi, and I really really think it's the latter. I've been suspect of him since he first appeared at the start, and the fact that he wasn't there at the briefing and subsequent raid makes it all the more convincing that he's the traitor.
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If any drawfags are around requesting thick jirou ass.
It is Kirishima, while not actually intending to be the traitor. Go fck off now and screencap this you dip.
Remember you fools

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So now that some time has passed, what do you think of Little Witch Academia?

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How hard are they going to job?
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first for banana wills it
They don't need to. They're out of Linker, so they're free to have an episode to remind everyone they exist before getting kicked out of the action unless it's the right time for them to discover the true meaning of friendship or whatever they need to transform without it, no need for injuries.
Symphogear has got worse as the cast of characters has grown.

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Do you think it's possible for Sucy's overwhelming mommy fetish to be caused by her desire to have a mother figure in her life?
Freud's my dad, and he agrees.
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Either way if Sucy calls Akko mommy by mistake I'm happy
Well my dad is cancer and he could beat up your dad
Season 2 will be full SoL antics focused on the side characters. Season 3 the focus goes back to Akko and Diana and the season is basically a magical girl show with antagonists and monsters of the week. Akko and Diana use a Precure style finisher weekly. Season 4 is the ending and it's an epic fantasy series like LotR.

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Are you ready for our boy Gohan to sweep the ToP with his new form?
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Tournament Predictions:

1) 17 and 18 team up like against Future Trunks

2) Someone (likely Krillin) gets knocked unconscious, but doesn't get tossed off the edge and wakes up near/at the end

3) Tien eliminates someone with his kikoho

4) Roshi eliminates someone with an old technique, the lightning or mafuuba

5) Piccolo will use his stretchy arms to grab the edge and not fall off

6) Freeza will estimate 5 minutes are remaining

7) The winner will end up wishing, not for everyone to not be erased (that can't happen), but for everyone to be moved into universe 7, thus making the universe more lively (what with all the new planets and strong guys).

8) Krillin will outsmart someone for an elimination

9) The field will dwindle and less fighting will occur, more plotting to eliminate universe 7 as the pillar lowers to visually indicate time is almost up.

10) Someone from the team will be seriously injured and may be thrown from the platform by his own team so he can eat a senzu

11) Freeza bargains to join another universe turning a universe 7 fighting advantage into a tie OR Freeza will otherwise manipulate the gods into something "good" that Goku & co failed to do
I really hope they do make a joke about frieza being bad at time, like there's 20 minutes left and feeza goes on about how there's only 5 minutes left to the confusion of everyone else.
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Piccolo using his stretching ability has gotta happen

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Joe's fight against Somkit has to be my favorite out of them all. Going into the anime I expected him to be a very exceptional boxer, but all things considered he was very sloppy and took a lot of hits, but this fight was unique in that he took a formidable opponent with ease, but even better, the way he conducted himself after the victory. He was so calm and collected, he had poise, in that one moment where he walks away from the interview he looked like a real champion for once.

rip Joe.
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Mori would be best to copy that if he has any intention of finishing Ippo.

This is one of the worst fucking episodes I've ever seen. If you seriously like this shit, you must be fucking retarded.
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What the hell was his problem
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Tall girls are evil
she shouldn't have violated his nap
He just wanted a taste of Sakaki.

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Why does Ochako still want his dick after seeing his room?
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Nothing wrong with admiring best boy
Because she's a delusional fat whore.

She's going to lose, though. Deku only has All Might and Bakugo on his mind. Fatty McChunklet is just an extra.
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She's easily impressed.

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Is this the biggest blunder of 2017?
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So who was the actual dad?

Did the science girl and daughter run off to be with Yaha-kui zaShunina?
Hetshit is always terrible
>First 8 episodes + episode 0
First contact science fiction, politics, ethics, negotiations. All around a decent slow burn story.
>Episodes 9-12
Space jesus turns yandere, mahou shoujo Saraka-chan~, energy swords and shounen final encounter, O MY ANISOTROPIC CHILD, space jesus getting NTR'd to death, Hanamori spends 16 years of his life raising another man's child that doesn't love him in a time chamber, effectively wasting his youth, all of the progress humanity made is taken away
Seikaisuru Kado is, to put it simply, the biggest trainwreck of the year.

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Would you touch her?
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I would pat her on her head
Her vagina probably smells like cold fish.
I'd ring her neck

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During my period I'll build a giant dam and rise taxes to hunt down the mkele mbembe once and for all!
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Fate/Stay Night is truly a story about optimism, valuing yourself, appreciating your life, and moving boldly into the future. Kaiji might not be as close to our doors as he is to Piccolo's… but, then again, you never know. That is why the lessons in this story are so applicable. You are alive now, but maybe not tomorrow. So look on your past fondly, smile at yourself in the mirror now and again, and hope lovingly for the future. Chibi Maruko-chan is someone who has about a decade or two of life left, and he messes around with a dozen divine beings.

In the epilogue, Eikichi Onizuka fatefully meets Griffith again and they muse a little bit about old times past. Naruto notes how the past several days/weeks (the span of X route) have been crazy. And at some point Shinji motherfucking Ikari tells him that those days will eventually end. All Might agrees and asks something to the effect of when. Hisoka Morow just kind of remains silent and freaking Jotaro Kujo just tells him that the days were fun, though.

And this is what, for me, Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA was about. Yes, there were BDSM dungeons and dragons. But it was really about finding joys in today – even when it doesn’t seem like there are any… and about having faith in a tomorrow. Basically, Kenshiro could die ten years from that conversation with Spike Spiegel, or he might not even wake up the next day. Although we don’t “live close to death”, the same basic concept applies. There are no promises in life. So you can go through life miserable only to be potentially snuffed out tomorrow, or you can find your own happiness and hope it extends into your future.
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