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Viz soon.
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You know, the English dub of 2011 is actually pretty good.
Realistically he could have just called the current manga a spin off, but then the manga's title never explicitly referred to Gon as the main character so it's more versatile.
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>Tse thinks he's hot shit when he learns the basics of nen
>fully confident tries to oppose Kurapika
>gets slayed in the most embarassing way

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>Character gets a major powerup
>already lost the tournament so its not relevant in any way
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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You can't just marry Tenryuu.
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Would you be able to handle your dick around a succubus?
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I don't think you can know the answer until you've tried.

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>thank you for loving me unconditionally and wanting to have my children
>but I still love the half-elf
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>turns into a vegetable soon after

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I finally got to read this while trying to keep my opinions and expectations toward the movie under control.

Opinions over it? Do you think that someday a studio like Madhouse or I.G would animate a psychotriller around it? (although the success of the korean live action movie might be intimidating for some executives)

I don't want to start a shitposting thread with "live action/manga did it better", but overall I would say that both genres had strong points to their advantage. But let's discuss about that, shall we?

Protip if you think of reading this: Try not to do it with a hangover, the levels of booze dinging in this manga can make you long for a drink or give you a hell of a headache.
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Some points to start the discussion

-Manga villain is a creepy psycho mastermind that makes the movie villain be an angel in comparisom. Very "Naoki Urasawa"-like.

-Teacher and random bar whore were A+ qts. I like the whole 90's fashion attire.

-Seriously, you will open a bottle of scotch and start drinking uncosnciously once you start reading.
The art and and visuals in general, that noir feel it has it far better than that of the movie in my opinion, but everything else pales in comparison to the movie, especially the story.
It's a really fun case of adaptation, one especially illuminating in the face of garbage like the Ghost in the Shell movie and the upcoming DeathNote thing. The two differ dramatically as far as tone and mood and execution but apart from the basic plot they do both still address the same core theme of revenge and obsession. It's a very I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream sorta thing, and I've always loved it: The idea of a person trying to inflict their specific circumstance on someone else. Park Chan-wook uses the incest thing to make it all much more tangible and easy to read for an audience that only has a couple minutes to really soak it all in, but the manga takes its time as a serial to really hammer home the frustrating round about Gotou's stuck in trying to find Kakinuma. And that twist in the end that that's the whole point, that Kakinuma wants Gotou to obsess over him the way he has the other way around all those years makes that haunting idea at the end of, "yeah but was that really the extent of his plot?" He's a man who spent tens of millions and over a decade plotting his revenge, it feels all too real that his plot could utilize even his own death as just a middle step and the idea that Gotou has to live the rest of his life never knowing when Kakinuma's plan might suddenly kick back in is a great way to end it. And it being the basis of Park's handling of the girl in the movie makes it all the more clever on his part.

Though by comparison it does suffer a little by its own genre savvy. It plays into the pulpy classic seinen hero thing almost too cleanly. Gotou, unlike Oh Dae-su, is just totally unchallenged the whole story, which would almost be insufferably boring if not for the revolving door of Kakinuma's goons helping to change things up in the middle. Gotou could have stood to be more of an actual character. He's not nearly as interesting to watch in action as Oh Dae-su is in all his suffering and gradual breakdown.

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What does /a/ think of this manga so far?
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I hate it.
i want some porn of that hung trap
>tsundere bullied by the penis of a trap
I like it more than I should.

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Anthy did nothing wrong.
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>made a fool out of Nanami
>nothing wrong

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I wish I could go to the same place as you
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One of the very few good moments in Naruto.

Damn, that was really heartbreaking. Kishimoto's heart is on BL, too bad he likes money too much

Which one do you know?

I think Daz Bones is black
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I think hes an ambiguously tanned anime character with no relation to real life ethnicies.
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He was a ethiopian slave

So I assume everyone has concluded that Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon is the inevitable AOTS.
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I enjoyed Demi-chan more than Maid Dragon, so no.
>flop dragon

It's shit.
One scene in the first episode of an A-1 Pictures show is not enough to make an anime good

>he fell for the "Onodera still has a chance" meme
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Shit girl won so no season 3
Take that back! I'll kill you!
She did win if you had the common sense to drop the manga at the right page.

Just finished this what a masterpiece
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>rinse and repeat
>rinse and repeat
>rinse and repeat

Stellar writing, bravissimo

I feel like this anime was some bizarre fever dream I had decades ago. What was it even about?
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No idea. I watched because Kazuto Nakazawa designs
The opening was nice, and I guess the summoning sequences were also kinda neat. Pretty mediocre show outside of that.
One of my first "modern" anime I watched. Downloaded shitty fansubs from Kazaa and I could only get a third of the episodes spread out over the 2 cour run.
I only realized many years later that the OP is sung by Kana Ueda. Of course I had no idea who that was when I started watching.

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Hey Hox, get off your ass and finish translating Wombs
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Still making threads about yourself, Hox?

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