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ITT: Series that always put you in a good mood

Galko Chan was amazing. I wish they'd make more.
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Psycho pass
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Always made me happy.

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So, exactly what was the deal with these two?
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Sexual frustration.

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My name is Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald. I am the eldest son of the 9th generation of a prestigious mage bloodline.

I am going to participate in the so called "Holy Grail War" soon. My victory is already assured, since the vessel needed to summon "Alexander the Great" will arrive here soon. But I will not underestimate this battle like a fool and I have come here today to ask you cunning people for advice.

What should I do to increase my odds to win over these other 6 honorable contestants?
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Use a different mailing service and get a new fiancee.
Don't bother with your backup catalyst. Use the word assassin as the catalyst, pray to Arc you don't get 100 faced Hassan, and quietly kill all the other masters

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Post cinegrids.
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Would you a big tiddy swiss?

>Thanks for waiting~! I don’t go to the 2nd year classrooms very often, so I ended up getting lost. Sorry~

>Umm, are we starting the filming now? Ah, could we have a bit of relaxation time before starting?

>Thinking “we’re going to film now!” made me feel a little nervous.

>The window, the window… at a time like this, seeing green really calms me down. See, we can view the trees on campus from here, right?

>I love being in places with a lot of natural beauty, like forests, mountaintops, and river beaches. Filming in a place like that definitely sounds like it’d be fun.

>Oh, I’ve got it! Next time we film, all of us could go to the mountains!

>And once we’re done filming, we could butter up some bread, make sandwiches with fillings like ham and vegetables, and eat them. That’d be so buono~ [TL note: “buono” is my guess as to what “ボ~ノ” (bōno) was supposed to say. Emma is from Switzerland, which has four official languages, three of which have similar words meaning “good”: buono (Italian), bon (French), and bun (Romansh).]

>I’m so excited that I’m going to prepare everyone’s portion—. Look forward to it~. >Wait, then it’d be more like a picnic than a filming session, right? Ahaha~
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>Wouldn’t that be great~. I’d like to have a leisurely chat with you, somewhere surrounded by nature.

>It’d be great if we could be more like siblings, doing things like that. Hm? I didn’t tell you? I have 8 siblings~

Holy fuck. Would you give her lots of kids?

>Our house is always lively, so every day is fun~. Seeing my younger brothers and sisters when we sing and play together makes me smile. It feels like such a blessing~

>Those kids were actually why I decided to take on the challenge of being a school idol.

>I thought that if I work my hardest at being a school idol, I’d be able to see their joyful faces even more. Do you think that’s weird?

>Yup. Working hard because you want to see someone’s smile… that really is a wonderful thing. Thank you for saying that—. All right, I’m gonna try my best!
God the design is still shit.
Oh shit I would
She's prime breeding material

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Still the best musume.
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Centorea or GTFO
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OP, I think you posted the wrong musume.
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Monster Masume 1.gif
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Sue OP, sure...

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>translators stop giving a shit
>gets licensed
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what a time to be alive
I thought it had been canceled.
But they are just starting again, they are at ch 3 right now.

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Kotori? What? Who might you be?
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What? Kotori? Where? I only see a foreigner
Best idol

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When it says "next time, an extra chapter", does that mean we'll get both a regular chapter plus an extra one, or only the extra chapter?

If it's the later, then what does "extra" even mean? Off-topic? It's not like the manga has a clear direction anyway.
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In editor speak "extra chapter" means "wait a bit before the author comes up with something new, so enjoy this idea I shelved months ago"

It also means the same as "taking a break", "doing research", "playing idolmaster"

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So would you?
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No thanks
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Let's be honest... You bang a girl you just met: you don't know jack shit about what she's got going on with her (physically, mentally). It may not be whatever the fuck THAT is, but it could potentially be just as ugly.

Specifically to the image, do you know how much sex is had without a chick removing her top, let alone her bra?

So the answer is yes, you would. You just wouldn't know about it, unless you tried feeling her up and got your finger bitten (or even worse-- sucked on) by that thing while you were raising her skirt from behind.

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Why aren't there intelligent and articulate gaijin characters in anime?
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such a thing do not exist
Who do you think this is?
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Because 99.9% of waito piggu sound like retarded babies when they speak Japanese.

Akane is cute. I hope she grows up to be very happy.
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She did, didn't you see the ending?
She does. Did you watch the credits?
Nope, just finished it. Now I'm wishing I would have been in the thread the day it aired, because that was just wonderful.

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So what they're doing lately? They've been kinda dead for a while now
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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What did she see in him anyways?

He treated her like shit, made her run errands for him, and relied on her to support him while he just sat around getting fat.
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Was it, dare I say it, the entire joke?
Jokes are supposed to be funny
Stocking has a pure heart.

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reminder that the 4th dragon ball was obtained by having roshi fart in a dragon's face
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No, the 4 star ball was owned by Gohan.

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