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I read 34 volumes of this waiting for the childhood friends to fuck. What gives? Why does Adachi tease?
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Meh, MC gets best girl.
Loved how the author just omitted the final match.
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Both female leads were great. I'm a sucker for childhood friends though.
Also I thought it was implied that the "real final" was the semis and whoever won that would win it all

What's your opinion on her? I'm halfway through season 2 and still can't decide if I like her or if she upsets me
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I want Revy to step on me and put out her cigarette by press and twist on my naked body.
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Yeah forgot to mention that no matter what I'll decide in the end, since ep 1 I've been wanting to fuck her raw while I smell her cigs&alcool sweat
Fabiola > Roberta > Revy > Sawyer > knife bitch > Balalaika

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Roba-chan a cute
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If you aren't a good boy and be patient, Bell-chan is never going to spoon-feed you.
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You sack of shit.

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Dolly Kill Kill Thread
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Best girl got best boy, japan finally did something right.

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Ready comfy restaurant eating?
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This show looks like it could be nice and relaxed, hope it will be good.
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>RnL music.
>Sumire MC.

Episode 98 of Dragon Ball Super, has had its script written by the infamous Yoshifumi Fukushima.
Welp, now we all know it is gonna be fucking shit.
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Be honest, /dbs/

You HAVE seen all of DB, Z, and GT, right?

we were discussing Goten/Trunks

and my confusion as to how strong the Cabba saiyans are.

and why didnt they bring Future Trunks?
>this thread for the 100th time

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>male MC
>male MC

Literally why? FeMC is more popular in both cases.
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>it's another "why are they using this blank slate instead of that blank slate" episode
/u/fags are mentally ill
>it's another butthurt yurifag episode

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''Purest love!''
The greatest love story ever told!
This is a love story telling with humour, full of going and regressing, of dreams and desires which seem to be untouchable.
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Fuck off, that's pretty lead
Will they ever make Jesus as a servant some day?
Literally the worst trap ever

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Hello, /a/. I'm going to go out for a minute. I'm leaving Riko-san here with you guys: please be nice to her and don't try anything funny.

I can trust you guys, right?
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How about we her in >>>/h/?

That place is filthy, no thanks.

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P5 anime fucking when?
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We'll get an anime when they'll need to advertise a spinoff.
Hopefully never, game was a trainwreck
>I never played it still I'm going to have an opinion about it

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whats do blame for the rampant power creep in most manga, How do you go about keeping power levels consistent.

what manga actually do power levels well and which fail completely?
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It always fails cause long running shounen do it.
And since they run for an eternity it just keeps scaling up which makes it look retarded in the end.

TTGL does it well if that one counts.
World Trigger does powerlevels great.

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What are they implying?
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This show stopped having genuine jokes far too long ago.
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Why didn't you protect this smile?
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