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New anime is coming.
What do you think?
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I remember ages ago watching a clip of the old series and loving the music. I wondered what it was for ages. I was going to read the manga, but then this was announced.

I guess I'll read the manga before anything else. I think this series looks really nice.
fujo shit in the 90s and fujo shit now
The greatest tragedy is that they'll go straight to Blast and never properly animate Even a Worm. (but with only 12 episodes, they won't have time screw up the ending, hopefully)

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What do you think about the planetarium?
That beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter when.
All the stars in the all the sky are waiting for you.
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it should had been a movie instead a 15 min anime
Legit the saddest shit I've ever watched, it was very genuine.

Good thing it is then.
Well, there's the movie that incorporates almost everything from the ONAs.

for me nothing is cuter than mini bloomers
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The pair I'm currently wearing
Feels good.

Prepare for trouble

And make it double

Post your favorite joke villains
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Mai is lovely

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>this will never be your daughter
Why bother reproducing?
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Hakase is the absolute worst part of nichijou, why would you want that as a daughter
Hey, fuck you
truth hurts but i guess people who like hakase can't really control their emotions and just lash out whenever something upsets them

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What do you think of Seiji Aino? I think he is a nice person and I like him a lot
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Haha yeah me 2
Yuzu-chan likes him a lot as well.
>True friend to Guri
>Honest and straightforward
>Looks fucking great in a business suit

How did worst girl become best girl?

Is this the future of anime? Can gookshit be stopped?
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fuck no it isn't
It sure is. Get on with the times, grandpa.
As long as Asumi Kana belongs to that future, it's okay in my book.

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ITT: Women enjoying food
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get out of a.jpg
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>facebook filename
Reminds me of that waitress who actually was caught shoving a hotdog in her vag before serving.
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Can you name all 12 Chinese zodiacs without looking them up?
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Rat, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig, might be another.
Sure since I watched Jackie Chan adventures.
Chuu, Moo, Shima, Usa, Dora, Hebi, Uma, Mei, Kii, Piyo, Inu, Uri, Nyaa

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What are the point of anime body pillows? Are they supposed to be sexy? Are you supposed to fuck them?
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They're supposed to mimic what it's like to have a person sleep next to you.
Yeah and don't underestimate how nice it feels to see them first thing when you wake up.
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I've started sleeping with one for the past couple weeks. It's been some of the best sleep I've ever gotten.

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I honestly forgot ssj3 and 2 were still Canon. How long until ssj3 blue?

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ITT: Body you wished you looked exactly like.
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Please give me the manhandle.
You posted her
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god I wish that were me

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What if? OK hear me out here, okay, but what if.....Boruto, or Himaware get the tsukuyomi. Would it be OP? Yeah, sure, you got me. But Naruto and Sasuke can basically nuke villages when they collide, so, just a bit more op than that. Am I saying it will happen, NO. Absolutely not, just a hypothetical. But it would be awesome if it did.
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This is BEYOND impossible!?!?!??! They wouldn't have enough chakra to pull it off. Plus, the Tsukuyomi is a jutsu of visual genjitsu where they are being trapped in their own minds by the user that casted it. So in theory it would be impossible for them. Sorry bud.
BUUUUT...... No one thought Naruto and Sasuke would have the chakra pool to pull off sage mode, and all the other bs they did. But, they got to that point after 500 eps. So who's to say that Boruto/ Himaware wont get to that point eventually? Shit, it's all about overcoming your own limits and becoming as strong as you can be. Just like in DBS and shit. So, who's to say that they can't develop it over time? It's not beyond possible....it just hasn't gotten to that point yet.

>is a visual Genjutsu......
They have a visual Genjutsu, the Byakugan. The stronger of the visual Genjutsu's as an inherited trait. Plus, Boruto already has the light chakra passed down from Naruto, assuming that that's how it would work ( seeing as how that's how becoming a Jinchuriki works.) Aaaand seeing as how it's assumed/given (I think, don't hold me to that) that Himaware will be the next Jinchuriki for the fox, then how to beef up Boruto. Give him the characteristics of the light chakra that he must develop through training. Give him personal training with the person that holds the respective other half of the character he needs, and somehow give a reason for him to receive the other half of what he needs.

....Sorry bud, but all they need is a reason to make it happen. That's all it really takes with anime like this. Is just a reason to make the character that strong.
>This is BEYOND impossible!?!?!??!
Fuck off, holy shit.

You too. Fucking cancer.

What a shit thread. Fuck you, OP. Stop typing like a retard.

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I just watched both parts of pic related and it was great. Don't let anyone say that there can't be good live action adaptations. Although I feel a little guilty because I only watched the anime before this and haven't read the manga.
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Wrong board. Go back to /jp/.
is it subbed?
Do people ignore that old boy was a manga?

>isekai gun invention meme
So in a world where the people can use sticks to shoot stuff, why haven't they already designed sticks that can be aimed ergonomically themselves for the same reason our real-life firearms evolved from the early fire lances into what we today would recognize as the form factor of a standard firearm?
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>Gary Stu isekai
>expecting good writing

The difference in design between a normal staff and this is quite big. It's not just a natural evolution.
Little girls should not play with guns.

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