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If he ever directs another anime, will you give it a try after the G-Reco fiasco?
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I dunno, I think he might've peaked with turn a
He definitely peaked with Turn A, but Tomino is always interesting for better or worse. I'll gladly watch his next show.
What fiasco? G-Reco was great.

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Is it true that the manga has been selling badly?
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I hope so if that means they'll make more anime to boost the sales
This, Bones clearly loved it.
Anyone got a source to check the sales of the manga against?

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>Both magic-based shonen manga
>Both seem to copy a previously-established series in their style (Naruto vs. One Piece)
>Both include every cliche under the sun, without the least hint of irony
>Both have incredibly obnoxious main characters with rivals who are their polar opposites
>Both have a sizable fanbase because the authors know how to draw fanservice well

Which is the better series?
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So, I just finished watching Labyrinth of Magic, and I have to ask: am I supposed to like Sinbad? I have never seen a more blatant Mary Sue in my life. I'm not throwing out random buzzwords here, the show just isn't even trying to hide it. He's the strongest in the entire show by a mile, and anyone even remotely his level is part of his army. He somehow built an entire utopia single-handedly, Any sort of conflict is borderline non-existent because he's apparently a keikaku master on top of being ludicrously strong. He is never, NEVER in the wrong, and everyone practically lines up to sing praises of how grateful they are to even be near his very existence, and everyone who doesn't is the embodiment of evil. It doesn't help how he slowly ends up consuming the rest of the season the moment he forcefully drags Alibaba to Syndria. The ending where he goes full Kingdom Hearts is the cherry on top of this shit sundae.

I'm just asking, does he get better? Would watching the prequels help me warm up to him, or do the sequels flesh him out better?
Because otherwise I really like this show, it's just that Sinbad ruins it for me.
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Read the manga.
There's this one part where he decides to kill everyone and remake existence because people around him started to show that they might not need him to save them and the future forever from everything.
Just how much does the anime leave out exactly?
I'm down for giving the manga either way, I'm just wondering if it's absolutely necessary if I want to continue with the other series'.

Huh, so the Mary Sue bullshit was intentional then? Or was that just something added later after realizing how awful he is?

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A character whose existence contributed absolutely nothing to the narrative. I thought he'd be used as more fuel in the experiment's love dodecahedron but no one in the cast gave a shit about him either. Truly puzzling.
They were the most entertaining characters in the show.
How bad do the others have to be for that to happen

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How do Okada and this hack still get work?
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Him by having co-created the 2nd best-selling anime of all time.

Her...I'm not sure.
One trick pony with plenty of flops.

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Guess what, faggot.

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Season 2 never
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1 more day for Luffykids to get BTFO.
Are you ready?
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SaNami chapter again please
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Reminder that BigMEME will get BTFO
Filtering the word BigMeme from now on only one fag uses that term. It has never caught in as hard as they try to push it.

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Remember how Akko once broke Constanze's soul?
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if Stanbot is destroyed completely with no backups, what happens to Costanze?
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Was putting Diana up there in the climax with Akko their most brilliant play in terms of making most of the fanbase happy and talking about it? I don't think Akko doing alone, with Lotte and Sucy or even with Chariot would have gotten the same positive reaction.
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>ywn encrypt all of Constanze's stanbots and demand bitcoins in exchange for the keys
>ywn threaten to delete her soul if she doesn't pay an unreasonable amount within 72 hours
Why live?

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Starting on the volume specials. This chapter is a special pilot chapter featuring Hanabi as the Ace.
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Yeah but OST.

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>So anon, now that subs are dead, what kind of encode do you want?
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the one that i encode.
>41.15 GB
who gets those? I mean even if I had 30 TB free I still wouldn't do that


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Which idol is the lewdest?
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The one without boring yuribait.
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This one.
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C35YCXuUcAA4JhA.jpg orig.jpg
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You know I want you
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What was his name again?
Big Dick Basuzo
Personal Trainer
The happy magical servant negro that appeared in older films
His name is consent.

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Why is this allowed?
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Shame the author wimped out of creating a Protocols of Zion arc after having received (((international))) pressure.
Did she really get international backlash?
I've seen this screenshot a million times but where the fuck is it from?

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