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What will season 2 be about?

Will Miuna babysit Hikari's and Manaka's children?
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Season 2 never. And either way, Tsumugu and Chisaki are the greatest pairing and I just want to see their lives play out more than NTR, as tempting as having Miuna getting cucked into oblivion sounds.
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what is she implying?
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That you should never have been born. Check it with the rope
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Check the fever. You can put a thermometer or whatever its called under the armpit.

Also that ampit is fucking hot, sauce now.
Those 3s & 5s

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Is old school fanservice better than modern fanservice?
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Wow this is classy fanservice, like Bakemonogatari, most shows fanservice directly insults my intelligence, unlike this and Bakemonogatari.
Is anybody really going to deny that?

Fanservice has become incredibly restrained and dumbed-down in recent years. Anime used to be legendary because of the copious amounts of graphic and weird content. The term hentai has been near the top of internet searches since the web basically started existing in the first place. Today the best fanservice you can get is generally a bath scene covered in steam, and you can see the cleavage and thighs 20% better if you buy the $70 DVD. It's hard to determine exactly what caused the shift, but it undeniably exists.
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Remember when was ok to show naked girls with nipples on tv animes?

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Episode is airing right now.
Amazon got it.
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Is this yuri?
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Yes, look at these lesbos.

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What did they mean by this?
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A foreshadowing of how the final fight of 3 is just a pissing match in the skies of El Cairo
Seeing that Jonathan and Dio are floating around in London
Pure poetry if you ask me
but it's drawn in the part 4 and 5 art style, so it was obviously drawn years after part 3 you fucking prat
they are lesbians scissoring each other, get over it.

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Shokugeki no Souma
The Promised Neverland
We Never Learn
Doctor Stone
Robot x Laserbeam
Cross Account

no Shudan? Not even raw?

Doctor Stone looks like it got half interesting, but I'm still not going to read it

We Never Learn had a really awful chapter. On the bright side, Viz finally caught up to the raws.
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Author Comments
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okay, let's try that again then


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Why did she abandon Sucy?
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>Lotte: "Go ahead."
>Lotte: "MAKE MY DAY."
i really want sucy's arc to be a tearjerker
make me want to hug sucy

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Atem better appear in this series, I saw the eye of anubis
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First for Aoi is a boy.
Why aren't these threads as hot as they were when Arc-V was airing?
Around this point in time in Arc-V is when Yuto first showed up, the duels with LDS were happening and LORE was in full force so the threads started picking up.

Vrains hasn't been bad so far. I think its been relatively decent. It hasn't been bad but not anything oustanding.

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space battleship yamato 2199.jpg
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Why did no one tell me this is just Homeworld: The Anime?
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>why did no one tell me this old thing is like this new thing
Maybe because you are a newfag crossboarder who needs to fuck off.
Well homeworld is just battlestar galactica

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good progress, 6/10
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looks like you were trying to make a reply and accidentally created new thread.
Don't worry, there are surely sites that are more your speed.
Like reddit or gaia.

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The LN author really is a madman.
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Symbolism haha!
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Meanwhile Wilhelm chasing his ded waifu

Q1:Is the second term scheduled?

A:The second term is dreaming for our staff as well. We are very happy if We could put a date in this dream.

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Is she jesus?
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i want her to stick her thorny tentacles up my ass
Chill out Kaminari.
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Left or right?

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How do we fix /a/?
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check my 9.jpg
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Did you get fee fees hurt?
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Merge it with /his/. I need a space to discuss threads where I can talk about the sociological and cultural implications of Kyubey.

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Why do people think togashi is a genius?
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Only the best
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