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Name a better anime? Protip: you can't.
Kaiji and Akagi is masterpiece.
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Nobuyuki Fukumoto is one of my fav mangakas.
We need Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa anime.

Kaiji's s2 opening and s1 ed are some of the best
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I can't

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>she sees your banana
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Anyone knows if this is gonna get fansubs?
Sure, all of them are in spanish as walways
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This is now a banana thread, post only bananas in this thread

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Mister, do you want to come over to our pool party? We have root beer and fireworks
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What about the music? What will you be playing?
Why are you asking this to an old man like me?


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You've receive the full powers of any dbz character for the next 10 years /a/. What do you do. remember after 10 yrs you lose the power so there might be consequences... unless you go chaotic evil and destroy the planet.
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>You've receive the full powers of any dbz character for the next 10 years /a/. What do you do.
Kill 7 billion people. Let the rain forest and animals have their planet back.
Fly around the world a couple times and maybe visit some other countries. I might even join the military since I'd be bullet resistant and super fit. I don't have many problems that flying and super strength would solve.
Yajirobe I guess because I don't want to actually have to do anything.

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>Tfw Hanabi and Moka lost so hard they changed series entirely.
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i want to get my pooh-mitts around the honeybee's jars of honey
Hanabi with tits
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actually fucking kek'd

Crtl+F no Gintama thread.

Now that I stopped to think of it, was there a time when /a/ made boards for Gintama? What's the deal? Does /a/ don't like it?

I started watching the Anime last month, and holy shit! I'm having a blast.
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It's not popular enough here to have threads outside of its airing periods.
Also, what's the deal with this chick? She came out of nowhere did pratically nothing and now all my other waifus look like shit!

I don't even like blondies!
Didn't realize it was bait by reading the OP, but you just made it obvious. You should know when to stop when trying to make a successful bait.

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so /a/, what is your "process" of picking an anime? do you pick any one randomly and start watching? or do you go by recommendations of your fellow anons etc

or, are you one of those cancers who read the entire plot and try to be some kind of cinematic critic while watching anime?
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>open taiga
>ctrl + r
>read preview
>watch trailer
>decide if I pick it up or not

Thats it.
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>hey this girl is cute
>picked up

captcha: nene grow

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What the fuck is even happening anymore?
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kino is happening
Hollywood trilogy adaptation when
Absolute kinography

Ahos have high sex drives.
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That's a monkey
A monkey is fine too.
a banana is fine too

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>July 4 and no all might thread
let's fix that
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How would the standings be for a no-quirk combat? Shoji would obviosly be on top if we let the mutants in.
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Ojiro and Shouji would be the guys, especially since I think you'd have to allow mutations. They can't just turn off having extra limbs.

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Mai Ball Dead Chidori.png
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RIP Chidori. You were the best and I will never forget you.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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What flavor is the best?
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Far right column or bottom row.
Shinka is gorgeous the way she is
red, brown, black or blonde

white only works after ~50

bright/off color hair dyes are disgusting

>Aired on July 3
> Still no subs
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Doesn't hentai take longer
It's not hentai, its airing on tv.

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>not playing texas holdem
>goes all in on a full house

why are japs so fucking retarded?
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Doesn't matter, because mary sue over there just had to get the RAREST hand in existence for plot reasons.
not impressive if she had more than 2 cards to start with

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Is it better to drop a series when it starts getting shit and never really know the ending, or to continue reading/watching the series until the end and be disappointed because the ending is shit.
I just finished To love-ru
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If it just gets flat out boring I drop it.

If it just gets retarded, I'll still watch it. Best example is Lost. Went to absolute dogshit but I spent years of my life keeping up with it, might as well finish the ride.

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