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Can someone explain Alucard's death to me? Like why did absorbing Schrödinger cause that "paradox of abstraction" the Major was going on about? I get that there was a reference to Schrödinger's cat but I'm not sure what it means. Also general Hellsing thread I guess.
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I guess that since he absorbed him he somehow existed everywhere, but nowhere at the same time, and so he lost his sense of self and vanished.
What i'm more curious about is how the fuck he had that kind of power in the first place.
Yeah, why else would the Major keep him around? other than making him his butt slut
Someone explains it in the series. Schrodinger only exists as long as he believes he exists. This is how he can appear anywhere and not really be killed.

The entire plan was to trick Alucard into indiscriminately taking in a ton of blood. Then Schrodinger would allow himself to be absorbed into Alucard thus giving Alucard his powers. Since Alucard doesn't know how these powers work he would basically just stop existing.

The only thing that annoyed me was Seras Victoria doing blood magic to sprout a wing out of her dismembered arm-hole.

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What's a matter, kid, you don't like QUIZ BOWL animes?
>finger pressan
>0.01 margin speed
>best girl
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>no mad quiz bowl skills to show off to girls

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ITT: Games your waifu would enjoy (If she were to like videogames, if she already does, great)
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This is the thinnest excuse to have a /v/ thread I've ever seen. You guys need to stop doing this shit.
Here's a fun game. Counting the number of times you're told to "fuck off" in this thread

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I'm not talking about shows that are set in Europe or a Europe-type setting (Fullmetal Alchemist, SnK, etc.), but just shows that are set in Japan. Is it just to make them stand out from the mostly dark-haired cast? Was there some really old influential anime with blonde characters that the new shows are imitating?
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Blonde anime characters are supposed to be foreigners or punks who bleach their hair.
When you draw manga your options for color of hair are basically black gray or white. Blonde is the most realistic hair color to use for white.
Mangaka laziness. Blond is just lines. Everything else requires screentone and/or ink, which takes time and effort to get right.

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Okay guys we all know the drill by now

Who dies in horror and agony and who gets BEFRIENDED?
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These 3 are getting killed, they're all irredeemably evil. Girl on ice is up in the air, but I'll take a wild guess and say Hibiki ices her
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They all commit sudoku in order to summon the ULTIMATE FINAL BOSS
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Now that would be amazing.

/a/ and /m/ would completely lose their shit if she came back somehow.

Talk about a shitstorm for the ages. I would love it.

Cheer up Nagato.
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What the fuck
Where's my fuckable Nagato?
She's just a cartoon dude. A pretty designed character but alas... Not a real human.
She better watch herself.

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Post an anime character without posting them.
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Akira from Tsuritama
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What were they thinking?
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Vanaglorize japanese rural living, thus making a comentary on the economic progress of the nation derived of a real connection with living itself.
I was more thinking in terms of why they made her smile so unnattractive.
Because she's old and not fapbait.

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Is Monster Strike worth watching? How's it compare with Pokemon/Digimon?

The girls are cute is why I ask
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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I liked it better than End of Evangelion.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Holy fuck it was good,and the anime is one of the most faithful adaptations of a manga I've seen
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>the anime is one of the most faithful adaptations of a manga
most manga adaptations are more faithful to their source than it. At least they don't alter the setting and artstyle like Parasye: the maxim did.

It's an adventure, right? Right?
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What would happen if someone raped Haruhi?
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Haruhi SPHzumiya.jpg
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She would laugh at them as soon as they pull down their pants.
It was.

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Today is Satomi Arai's birthday, let's celebrate with a thread kuroko
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I approve this thread.
>properly made thread Kuroko
It's been a while. Her voice acting is going to be god tier with the great scenes Kuroko gets in S3.
T H R E A D K U R O K O ! ! ! ! !

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>be a cute witch
>attend Luna Nova
>the flip classmate of yours starts calling you mommy
>she starts to cry when you try to tell her to cut it out
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>Join Luna Nova
>General Strike
>Join the red workers army
>Destroy the bourgeois overlords
>Fuck Sucy in her butt
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>join luna nova
>be the only male in the school
>edgy warlock teacher who teaches dark magic
>be the admiration of hundreds of boy-hungry frustrated teenage girls
>bully them whenever they display affection towards me
I can only accept this if I'm allowed to seduce Finneran

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Just came back from Anime Expo. How did /a/ react to the new Trigger anime announcements Promare and Grid?
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>promare is a pretty bad name
>is that kamina?
>blue hair
>this means anime
It will be yet another overhyped 'LOL those japs are soooo wacky' trash. This zany shit has overstayed its welcome.
I'd like the mid 00s to not come back please, I thought the randumb phase was over.

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