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How is she able to eat so much?
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Her true Noble Phantasm is ignoring the laws of Thermodynamics.
It's a visual gag anon.
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Because she is the king.

Can we have a thread for her?
Post Tomoko, /a/.
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I just wanted to lick them

Weeks without new Detective Conan chapters, why must they be so painful? How does one endure it?
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Not reading the manga, but watching the anime
>Going 40 chapters back from the plot.

Hell no.
Hey, AOs keep the series from going dry and dinner on the table.

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Let's reminisce about Classic /a/.

I'll start.
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How classic are we talking?

I stopped coming to /a/ for a long time when this stupid shit was being spammed here non-stop fuck you and kill yourself

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What are your favorite animes about america /a/?
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America, of course.
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Mad Bull.jpg
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These are grownup video game designers.
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Cute adults
Nene isn't a video game designer.
Nene is a piece of shit

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we get things like Beserk, Goblin Slayer, Ubel Blatt or Dungeon Meshi.

Do you think we could get a Dark Souls manga? I don't know, something narrating the Everlasting Dragons war, Abyss Watchers killing shit, the Giant Invasion to Drangleic or Artorias autism.

There is a lot of shit to tell and manga is a good medium to do it.
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>he doesn't realize that artorias is essentially guts
Nice image

A dark souls manga would be great in the midst of all these isekai and cute girls manga
How about a normal high school teenager gets transported to the world of Dark souls?

He starts off very weak and with the ability to revive at the last place he slept after each death.

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Picture the last anime you saw with cute girls doing cute things. Got it? The girls are now captured by this perverted janitor, how will they get out of this before everyone gets raped?[/spoier]
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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You're waifu is SHIT!!!!!!!
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>implying Erza's the type to say such things
I'd say Lucy, Luvia, Cana, or maybe Aquarius would say that.
no u
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But she's my favorite shit.

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Happy July 4th, assholes.
Here's your blushing tomboy.
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Blashfack time?
This seems like a much better chapter than yesterday's.
It's nothing.

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dio stop.png
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Jotaro's ORA is now voiced by Mercer in the dub instead of Seitz (Dubbed Dio). I'm not sure about the voice, though.
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What was DIO's reaction when he found out about the Holocaust? DIO seemed pretty cool with genocide in general.
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What is the coolest sounding stand name?

For me its either "Gold Experience" or "Killer Queen"
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Koichi would be a cute girl

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I like naruto shippuden
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I'm waiting until it gets a blue ray released without the filler.
congrats, did you tell your parents yet?
Naruto is a good show anon

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While all are best, one must be the bestest.
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How can I do that when she exists?
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Yui would be my friend with benefits, while Azusa would be my live-in sex slave.

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Rise of the shield hero.jpg
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Is this the best isekai manga?
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>edgy gary stu
Maybe it was a nice read at the start.
It's pretty edgy, but if you get past that, it's fairly good. If you like isekai, though, you're better off looking in light novels. There are series with 10+ full books but only 10-20 manga chapters since it takes more time to pump out drawings rather than writing words.

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Fuck this shit.
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It was obvious, its the theme of the manga.
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Thanks for the reminder,checked yesterday but its not out yet.
I was hoping for everyone else to die and Gugu become the first of a rpg party.

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