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Maybe we understand and sympathize more when we can feel.
Good answer.
Same reason moe anime and CGDCT is the best. Atmosphere is more important that plot.

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Why is Dumas so bro?
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"…Can we win?"
"I'm an author, not a tactician or a prophet."
"The Noble Phantasms you've created are truly amazing. But we who use them are still human. Can we imitation-Heroic Spirits beat those… those monsters with just Noble Phantasms?"
At that, Dumas fell silent for a while. Then, he cracked his neck and spoke.
"…This'll be another story about my past, but…"
"When I first started out, I had no interest in plays or novels. My mom made me read nothing but dull old tragedies and I got fed up with 'em… until one day I saw one called Hamlet. That one was different. I was overwhelmed. I begged for a copy of the script and read it over so many times I learned it by heart. That's what got me interested in theatre. It was one of my beginnings."
"I can see that with Hamlet. It's William Shakespeare's masterpiece."
Dumas watched the police officers' uniform agreement with a broad grin. Then, he told the continuation of the story with the eyes of a child who has just succeeded in some mischief.
"As a matter of fact, that Hamlet was translated — or adapted — by a guy called Ducis. Anyway, he tore the original apart, then rewrote it as a translation in his own style. I was too shocked to stand when I read the real script Shakespeare wrote later on. Compared to the real thing, what I'd seen was a hackjob that'd make Shakespeare, or any fan of his original, furious. It was a real Immitation-Hamlet."
Dumas cackled. Then, his roars of laughter abruptly cut off and he turned his face toward the officers as his lips twisted into a broad grin.

"Still, it was that 'imitation' that changed my life. Nobody can deny that. Of course, that was probably because the original was too good. Still, fake or not, it had old Ducis' real passion in it."
Then, handing the officers their weapons, which he had finished repairing and improving before they knew it, and declared with cheerful the face of an audience member watching a comedy, but the confidence of a director controlling the stage:
"Relax. You don't know it yet, but Bro's — your boss's — passion is the real deal. Keep believing in him till the end, and you should be able to turn the tables on a few legends that are only genuine."
>Saber had announced that the soldiers keeping watch around them "must be terribly hungry" and was currently out bringing refreshments he had prepared from the preserved foods in the mansion to the remaining snipers, spotters and scouts. According to the shadows, Saber's sudden appearance beside them had sent the snipers and spotters into a panic. Apparently they had nearly attacked him, although things had since been settled amicably.

Saber is also too OP

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Dazai once said: "this is the greatest love story ever told".

prove him wrong

protip:you can't
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High praise from a man whose idea of romance involved adultery and double-suicide.

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>impregnation in popular long-running series
>new series that is literally about breeding
>traditional and new ecchi comedies starting to be more physical than ever
Is something happening in Japan?
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>please breed
what's bottom right
Declining birthrates must have dropped beyond critical.

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Do you agree /a/?
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Fuck off idolfag.
Why is Shirobako there?
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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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He killed his waifu, made him becomes Zero while he is banging CC every night, that feeling is worse than death
>banging CC every night
Nope. Directors confirmed this doesn't happen.
He wanted Suzaku to be Nunally's husband.

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wtf are these teardrops?
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they're sweat drops, anon-chan
Sweat. Are you new
very, that was literally my first post on this board

1x1 thread
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Is Taichi going to kill himself after this?
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Takeru will impregnate hikari and Yamatto will impregnate tai.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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one week until next Grand Blue, how do you cope
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re-reading the manga
I've long since stopped looking forward to new releases. Too many dropped series. I'm just happy for what I get.

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Are we ever going to get a second season of Flying Witch?
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I hope so.
>2 FW threads at once
this is a good day
There's not enough source material for a S2 yet is there?

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Starting with this top cop
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This series was awesome with the Nice Cop / Rough Cop dynamic, then the author went full retarded and killed the Nice Cop, turning the rest of the series in just some porn flick with Sleepy and his new female partner fucking during operarions.

No wonder the 2000 manga series was pretty much a retelling of the first manga volumes now set in the 21th century.

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itt post the most hype opening
or you are dead
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Cool, cooler, coolest!
What do I win?

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He's right you know
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Araragi lives in a constant state of denial.

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