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Why don't they ever show a male american exchange student?
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Because Americans are shit.
Japs have an inferiority complex
Last time male americans came over there, half the country ended up on fire and their own male population was betafied forever. They can't handle the bants, apparently.

I you were young Naruto, what would you do?
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If I was young naruto i would have killed myself long ago
Become the town's slut in an effort to get them to like me.
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Gangbang myself I guess.

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Can Papa even be stopped?
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What's Bondrude's dish at the abyss cafe?
Prushka with a rug underneath.
Not with that rod

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Happy 4th of July everyone! This is the third installment of the Kagyu read along. I'll be dumping volume 3 today. Hope you guys enjoy.
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Saving the world one chip at a time.
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Constanze loves you!

Would you pork this dork?
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Beach episode when
>pound her as hard as you can
>she doesn't react
>you need to hack into Stanbot and make her feel pleasure through soul stimulation f you want to see her get something out of it

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What the FUCK was his problem?
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way too lazy
I find it so distracting how Mayumi Tanaka uses the same exact voice for both Yajirobe and Fortuneteller Baba.

Was it autism?
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i believe it was Hemorrhoids
nasty business

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Whether you like Brotherhood or 2003 better, you have to agree that none of Brotherhood's openings ever came close to Rewrite.
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This is nice op, but ur wrong

Rewrite's nice but Ready Steady Go is the best OP if you aren't an edgy teenager anymore
but you're wrong op https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNXY2Fx2Pq4

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A wild Chiaki-chan appears!
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No replies in the DB for this post!

>The announcement will be made in a television commercial that will air during the 10th anniversary rebroadcast of the anime on Wednesday.
How long has it been since the last pachinko?
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It's going to be a mobage this time.

Titanfall Gurren Lagann?

>Card game

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Hey a/ remember Petite Princess Yucie? And if so who was your favorite princess? Mine was Glenda.
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someone mentioned this series in a little witch academia thread a long time ago i think in discussion of the ending

i've yet to pick it up but i will eventually
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Best episode.
It was a really sweet series. It made me cry towards the end.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Missing pages are out
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First for Based Captian Rico
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Annie is made for Bert cock
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>Zeke vs Diver soon?

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jojo reference.webm
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Holy shit.
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So novel, manga, or movie?
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i liked the manga and movie equally, didnt read the novel

its great and i wish there was more, the manga was sad by the end

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