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Anybody got a chart for Berserk? I need to know the order in which I should watch it. I've only seen the sequel series so far. I can't see how it can get much better...
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Read the manga you filthy degenerate
don't watch it, read it
if you really have to watch it, watch the old series then start reading the manga from the start
Ok but do you have a CHART

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This man slaps your ass what do?
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You've made one fatal mistake, and now your steaks are charred and flavorless.


Is Yuru Yuri an obscure show with normies? Just got back from AX2017 and couldn't find anything Yuru Yuri related or merchandise
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>going to anime con

You are the normalfag. Fuck off retard.
No, Yuru Yuri is the perfect normie repellent.
Yuru Yuri is only popular here on 4chan

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My ex-wife's Chiya is so hot.
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Season 2 when?
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I felt like Urara had a lot of wasted potential. The setting was fantastic and it had some good moments that used it well, but a lot was the bog standard cute girl adventures.

Is the manga any better?

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Woop woop

New thread to keep anime only people away from spoiling themselves into oblivion
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Anon, fuck secondaries.
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[Title is 'Useless knowledge']

[Too lazy to do top part]

My girlfriend came to my house.
"Sorry for intruding"

I never imagined that
A 3D woman would come vsit my room.

"Plastic models!!"

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I called Kurihara-san oer,
So I cleaned my room.
[side] Sorry for it being so dirty
[side] No no, it's completely fine.
And I hid all my things which must not be seen.

My parents are out too,
So everything's perfect!!
"Okay then..."
"Wanna watch some anime!?"

"We're watching anime..."

"That was a joke!!"
"No, that's completely fine......"
"No n!!"
"I mean, you took the time to come to my place!!"
"No no no!!"

"Wanna play a game?"
"Sure thing...!!"

That's weird...
When I'm with Motoyama-kun, we can spend 2 hours watching anime.
Well, Kurihara-san's the anti-Otaku...

"Okay then"
"You wanna play some Str**t Fig***r?"
"Then you might also know how to..."

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At least they acknowledge it
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They know what's up.
You know they're making fun of you right?
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One hour for more Altair.

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it´s a masterpiece?
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It is. The visual novel I mean as the anime is just ok
No, it's shit.
It's pretty good. The visual novel is God tier tho.
And Steins;Gate 0 is shit. Like, utter money milking boring filler mixed with straigt crap and unapologetic character gutting. Do not waste your time with it.

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Which is the better monster design, /a/?
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I want to ____ that monster
I prefer Miura's insanely beautiful artwork in general, but in this case I like Claymore's creation slightly more.

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Let us continue to savor what little left we have of All Might Day.
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Brothers and sisters, I'm here to tell you that I charge the UA High. I charge the UA with being the greatest murderer on earth. I charge the UA with being the greatest kidnapper on earth. There is no place in this world that that academy can go and say it created peace and harmony. Everywhere UA's gone UA's created havoc. Everywhere UA's gone UA's created destruction. So I charge them.

UA can't deny the charges. You can't deny the charges. We're the living proof of those charges. You and I are the proof. You didn't have a choice. UA didn't say, "Quirkless man, Quirkless woman, come on over and be heroes to help us build society." UA said, "Hey, give up, get out of our way." Being born quirkless does not make you a member of the hero society. I'm not an hero. You're not an hero. You are one of the 20% of quirkless people who are the victims of heroes.

You and I, we've never seen any equality. No, we've never seen democracy either; all we've seen is hypocrisy. We don't see any hero dream. We've experienced only the hero nightmare.
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since he cound die as a hero how will he die?
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He's going to live forever

Is Dragon Ball Minus more canon than the Bardock special because Toriyama wrote it?
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Of course

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BLONDE girls are the best
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No replies in the DB for this post!

What would you do if you looked literally like this?
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Get gangbanged and creampied by old dudes

Stop watching anime and manga
Study hard and improve my natural talents
Aim for a scholarship at MIT
Get best grades and get hired by Google
Develop software that will shape the future of mankind in this century
Eat pie and look cute as fuck while doing it
Same autistic shit as usual. I'd rather be as clever as Lain, rather than look like her

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better than Gilgamesh?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Post a random page that made you either laugh or stop to make sure you were seeing what you were seeing.
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pretty much any of the pages in the last 5 berserk chapters
So crazy XD
Anime sures is weird O_o

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What are the chances of an OVA or movie where best girl best pet can rightfully take center stage?

Seeing vol. 4 animated would be glorious.
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> Seeing vol. 4 animated would be glorious.
No suffering is allowed.
She already won, but an OVA of her and Willem making a family in the surface would be great.
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Can't wait for the soundtrack to be released soon

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