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Her artwork was ahead of its time
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she can be thicc, too
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Is she a good FeMC?
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No but OP is a good faggot

S1 was fun as fuck, you can't deny this
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All I remember was the protagonist being so beta that he couldn't say a word to his childhood friend when she sold him out

What a faggot
He did the right thing
You wouldnt understand because its a man thing
So were the first three episodes of the second cour. Then they went full retarded by taking themselves seriously and going for actual drama instead of cheesy drama.

Hello /a/. This is ochako, my waifu. Every morning I fuck her slowly, defying the laws of gravity. I fuck the vacuum inside her, while she makes us both float to the stars. At first I was scared, but now I got used to it. I once even fucked her on the backside of the moon, in the ass. Next we plan fucking on the belt of Saturn and Mars, but we'll see!
Help me I don't even know why I've wrote this, I think I'm going fucking crazy
Help me.
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Screw you.

Ochako is not for fug
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Fuck off. Ochako is pure.

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>PV aired few days ago and looks cool
>check the manga
>stats, levels and skill tree
>a fucking jrpg with stat system

Fucking dropped

Why elevens cant make Isekai decent or at least not based on some stupid rpg?
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>check the manga

Well there's your first mistake, anon.
is the manga different from the WNs?
From the Web Novel? Yeah. But that's cause it's based on the Light Novel, which apparently made various changes to the order of events and gave more focus on Raphtalia.

Not that I've read the WN or LN.
In either case, all three versions have a JRPG system for some indiscernible reason, so not sure what that anon was trying to say.

Fucking light novel authors just can't drop their love of RPG stats and levels shit.

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Fuck, marry, kill.
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Fuck Megumi
Marry Utaha
Kill Eriri
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The artist sure does a good job of making me want to fuck every girl.

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Watanabe You reporting in for the state of California, favorite anime is Frasier
>Mirai Nikki
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>living in the US
>datamining thread

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Did anyone else read this manga? Also who is best boy and why is it Ken?
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What do you feel about its presentation of racial issues in England?
I don't even remember anything.
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Free is that you

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Read the guide at buyfags.moe
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Happy 4th of July buyfags!
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Pure tomboys > pure gyarus > pure delinquents >> pure maidens >>>>> non-pure anything
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It's the complete truth, it doesn't need replies.
The only people who say different are heathens who should be burned by the stake.
Waifu > Fate > sloots > sexually average girls >>>>> purity wish fulfillment.
what a fag

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Just finished this series.
Why didn't he whip out EA and BTFO all the other servants on sight?
>inb4 "hurr durr not worthy of muh giant cock mong-"
Go fuck yourself. No other servant was this retarded.
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Same reason kid would observe ants and occasionally burn them with lens, instead of actively seeking and destroying them on sight.
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Those (((ants))) kicked his ass. If he could stop fucking around for all of five (5!!!) minutes he could have easily succeeded in his dreams of world genocide.

I can't wait until i finish Naruto
What mess did I get myself into
500 episodes done
250 to go

I think the bad guys are more interesting than the good guys

Only characters I like gaara, pain and kabuto
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Hey I'm an anime protagonist! I'm so nice and everybody loves me for it! I don't have a single shred of personality, but every time there's a moral dilemma I just do the right thing and everything works out every time. Fuck stakes, fuck choices, I always save everyone. I always feed the homeless and forgive my enemies, and I give out free dicksuckings on tuesdays to anyone who asks.

I bore up every story by being completely predictable. Even when I do completely stupid things it always works out in my favor because I'm the protagonist, and my niceness pays off 100% of the time. I win every fight through the power of hard work and believing in my friends. Women just flock to my good nature and I don't have to show initiative or effort in any way. Read this story all about me, a guy who has nothing interesting to do or say, and is at least slightly dumb if not completely full blown retarded.

Oh no, a girl needs to be protected in the first few pages of my shitty manga? I'll just grab this tree branch and walk over to the unstoppable murderbeast and take enough punishment to kill someone twice my size until another character is impressed enough to bail my ass out or some other stupid deus ex machina occurs. The reader will surely love experiencing this moment for the thousandth time.

Good thing I'm here or you might actually have to be invested in the events of the story. See you in the next thing you read you consumerist pig.
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I think you have come here under the misconception that people watch anime for male characters.
The lack of male characters, or the presence of traps/genderbending is an automatic pass for me.
Is this Nisekoi

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>13 years old
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