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Blacked edition

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>this guy slaps your waifu on the ass and tells you to YIELD
what do?
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>blacked edition
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Mr Dyson! Mr Dyson! Care for a refreshing Pepsiā„¢ Cola?
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That dude would've been played by DJ Qualls 10 years down the line
Is he the same Dyson that invented Dyson Spheres?
a 90s action movie black guy won't be needing any cola

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This movie is the best adaptation of the Death note franchise. Anyone who disagrees is an autistic weeb who has Rainman-style meltdowns when u get their favourite food order or literally any set of instructions wrong.
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we have this thread every day shill
I saw it, and I expected a terrible dumpster fire of movie and it was just bad. By all accounts it exceeded my expectations. That is only positive thing I can say about the movie.
Why was Ryuk a waterhead

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No idea what just happened, lads, but loved the ending Edition

Meanwhile: >>87296890
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>no set design, feels empty and lifeless
>no interesting ideas for storylines and generally bad writing
>relies on gimmicks only instead
>those are unoriginal or just bad, unfortunately ("fuck you, albert", glove, andy and lucy, coordinates, riddles, ...)
>bad acting (Bell, Lynch, Horse, Robertson, Dern, ...)
>dull characters (one-dimensional at best)
>storylines and characters are introduced for no purpose
>everything is supposed to weirdly connect and make sense
>shot in digital in a way that doesn't compensate for the technology's disadvantages (looks bad)
>roadhouse scenes (out of place, badly shot, the songs, the bands, the extras, ...)
>student-tier storytelling/editing (characters are shown walking up complete sets of stairs)
>stretched out needlessly, long takes have no particular effect
>everything above is literally cringe-tier in concept and implementation
>obviously delusional and/or inexperienced fanbase perceiving it as particularly meaningful, complex or "deep"
>can't compare to the original series that doesn't have those problems (coherent/complex and beautiful sets, costumes and make-up/well shot/well acted/well written/magnificent multi-dimensional characters and character relations, music, storylines and gimmicks/creates a unique athmosphere as a result, changing the world of television forever whereas "the return" neither manages to do something established really good nor to invent something new)
>somehow the best thing in tv history
So, did noone mention the fact that the motel Coop exits is a completely different one than he enters?
>literally serial experiments lain down to the last episode
bravo lynch

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What successful tv shows would you have turned down or cancelled after the pilot/first season, if you were in charge of the network?

Off the top of my head:

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I would've canceled TNG in a heartbeat
Rick and Morty
Its always Sunny in Philly

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Are there any 2D animated feature-length films coming out soon that you are looking forward to?
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my 2 inch Dicks fully featured length in your mom
>coming out soon
404, sadly

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How come no rick and mitty this week?? why do they do this bullshit
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JewishSwim didn't want to bring out the episode this week.

Come back next week.
Dan Harmon demanded that adult swim not release the next episode this week and for good reason. Dan Harmon, being of a MUCH higher intellectual level than both I, and you.

Having come to understand the concept of nihlism and egoism, he like most of the deep thinkers through the ages, realized that the concept was simply too mind boggling to be digested over a short period of time, and exposure to such complex and sanity shattering truths could very well render the populace mad with exestential dread.

Therefore he came to the decision to give the more feeble minded masses a chance to rest and reflect on the deep messages of his show, to give these enigmatic seeds time to sprout in the heads of the common folk.

I beg you, do not grow angry with Mr. Harmon for his decision to postpone the latest chronicle in what I'm sure future generations will refer to as one of the most intellectually stimulating TV shows of our time. Believe me, I am myself feeling slightly robbed, though I, and I hope you as well will understand that not everyone is as well versed in the philosophical brilliance of Nitche, and if we truly wish to see a renaissance of intellectual thought, we must be patient.
Thank you for explaining this to me in a way my simple mortal mind can comprehend. I trust dan harmon as god and have complete faith in his plan. If i can be assured that this post is indeed the word of harmon i have no problem submitting and doing as he commands. as long as we do what dan says im sure he will never let us down. thank you dan god bless.

I like to be as transparent as I can, in all walks of life. I recently saw a youtube video from a popular lad of african american decent on a horror film called the Shining.

As someone who typically does not watch Horror films, I was really rather impressed by it. The pacing, the acting, the overall composition of the film. After I finished it, I wondered - are there similar horror films out there? Ones that favor this slow burn to jump scares and visual marks of fright? Psychologically focused horror films.
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Did "Im watching movies at 2X" reached its peak?
There is Bruce all mighty running on FoxMovies right now at 1.5X,the movie is sped up lol.
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Pickle rick guys

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Laura's house goes black

What did lynch meme by this?
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Laura 'wakes up', and the alternate world around her and Coop collapses.
Presumably this allows Laura to return to the reality familiar to S1/S2 viewers.

Or not, but THAT reality, where she's Carrie, just implodes.

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our guy jorge didn't deserve that ending
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Why is this season so fucking awful? It's like Better Call Saul 2.0.
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>get off work
>check torrents
>no new game of thrones episode

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Haha I got you. The viewer.
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I watched Lost Highway just before the finale. Joke's on brainlets.

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