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Who's excited to feel depressed on Friday lads?
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*delivers long boring exposition and shows perfect understanding of my destructive behaviors but makes no effort to stop them*

I wouldn't say theres no effort to stop them. Sure they're all failed attempts, but its evident that they're there.

What show would be left if by the 2nd season Bojack has fully rehabilitated himself?

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"Jenner felt uncomfortable with the interview half way into the session. Upon telling her family's heroic holocaust rescue story, recounting the millions of dead bodies: cohost Adam Eget is heard mumbling "allegedly"
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>You'll float too!
What did he mean by this?
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This new Pennywise has to be the scariest movie monster we've seen in years. Literally years. There's two scenes in this movie that absolutely sent shivers down my spine. First when Pennywise possesses the slideshow and we finally get to see his very creepy and mental face in the final scene. What a build-up! I nearly pissed myself.

The other one is in the basement, first we see the excellent performance by Georgie's actor. You'll float too never has sounded more epically scary. And then Pennywise rises from the waters. I jumped in my chair and still do when watching this. I can tell I will be on the edge of my seat in theatres this september.

The movie itself seems to capture that 80s feeling we've seen in Stranger Things and other important work. Do your part and see it in theaters. Be a part of history.
I like how in the movie they changed him into looking more undead at that part.
>WB to Disney

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/pol/ was a mistake

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Is it good?
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Worth the time if you here asking faggot.

It's alright for it's time, but feels unfinished, it's basically just book 1 plus portions of book 2, little portions.
It's an oddity. Worth seeing, but maybe not "good".

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Raimi edition
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High Fidelity.webm
3MB, 1024x554px

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This is going to be the best film of 2017
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I don't know what this film is about, and I hate Jennifer Lawrence, but that is a great poster.
>skank lawrence
this movie is already shit
Is there a reason given in the movie or by Aronofsky as to why the title is in lowercase?

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The Timeline Where Jack Nance Wasn't Murdered by David Lynch Edition


Previously: >>87349525
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first for what do I watch now
>coffee and pie is bad
>meme fishing is okay tho!
What did Lynchfags mean by this

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It's really fun
>1 (one) white male
Fox, yes!
You're joking right?

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>one of the greatest movies of all time
>a triumph in cinematography, music and storytelling
>barely anyone has ever heard of it
>critics didn't care for it

Is this the greatest injustice in the history of motion picture? )
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It's unironically my favorite movie since the character is exactly like me.

>super genius
>lost a loved one (my crush dated someone else in my case, I never talked to her though)
>wild imagination
are you also intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humour?
Uh yeah, how did you know?

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>film opens with shot of digital clock reading "6:59"
>turns to 7:00 and the alarm goes off
>limp hand emerges from off screen and tries to hit the snooze the snooze button
>does not work
>hand violently whacks the top of the clock until it falls off the bedside table
>character bolts upright in bed
>"shit! first day of school!"
>Jimmy Eat World bassline begins
>character falls over while getting shirt on
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Name three (3(III(00011))) movies
>misses bus
>chases it/has to run to school
>is slightly late and misses start of class
>teacher chastises him as he sits at table next to friend who is also comic relief

>I know what you like john snu

what did she mean by this?
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da bussy
>Ugly looks
>Ugly personality

Why do people like this wannabe-slut?
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>>Ugly looks

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Do you think he feels slightly emasculated knowing that he was advertised as being the lead in the latest instalment of the world's biggest sci fi franchise only to end up being a white girl's sidekick?
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do you think hes self conscious about his huge ass
perhaps he could jelq himself with hundred dollar bills to raise his self esteem

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Day 83
HOH: josh
Veto: TBD
Nominations: kevin and alex

previously on /bb/ >>87494547
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Paul won veto.
nth for panda
Alex is the first female since Rachel Reilly to win the first POV of the summer

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Industry sources are reporting that the Wheel of Time television series currently in development by Sony Pictures Television has been canceled.
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*tugs braid in an agitated manner*
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giv aes sedai gf
May the light burn you, if you lie!

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