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Theis unly un wa that mater, tha gret wa, un its her
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ahm tha wootcha onda waals
Fuck I love this meme. Make it happen you miserable cunts


Love movie scores?

This is the documentary for you!

Just release!
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>Stop, my invincible son. You have ample time to make a casual jog over here to free my leg and carry me back, but I must die in order to teach you that your secret is more important than my life (but not important enough to let the truck driver get away with being a jerk).
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>mfw he was just tired of his wife and this seemed like the easiest way out.
Bravo Snyder
>man i just wasted my life to save a fucking dog, just let me go my invincible wife's son, this is simply too embarrassing to stand anymore and i have lost the will to live

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what does /tv/ think of this?

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Best Louis Theroux documentary?
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Isn't he the guy who did that Scientology documentary?
Any of the Weird Weekend episodes. It might not be as sharp or thought out as his new stuff, but the guerilla nature of it makes it great.
It's hard to pick one, Drinking to Oblivion was pretty good.


post a director's

>most overrated
>most underrated

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>I can't read: the post.

Royal tennenbaums
Life aquatic
Grand budabest
Moonrise kingdom

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This is one of my favorite movies. The clever humor, the beautiful scenery/shots, the amazing soundtrack. It's a very memorable movie and has never left my mind.

What does /tv/ think of Submarine?
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Its one of my favourite movies too Anon. As you said, it is very charming, amazing soundtrack and it gives me some feels that remind me of adolescent youth.

But this is my first time in /tv/ so my opinion probably doesn't reflect the board's.
It's pretty good. Between that and The Double, I feel Ayoade is a real competent director.
A shame he seems to prefer hosting game shows these days.
I think that it's interesting that Ayoade's self-insert protagonist is white. I also think it's interesting that people thought an undernourished Wes Anderson rip-off was the advent of a bold new voice in cinema. The film itself is not interesting. I'd like to replace every copy with a phone video of me taking a shit, shot from the pan's point-of-view.

We could have had him as Pennywise, /tv/. We could have had it.
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Brian Hacket from Wings?
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What's his fucking problem? Is he Stephen King's real life self-insert?
His audiobook of It is the best

Looking for 90's and 80's shows/films worth watching.
Decided to stop paying attention to modern films and go back to films I never got to experience being an early 90's kid.

Need recommendations. Anything really.
So far I've been watching shows like The Critic and Sliders for a start, but feel like there's more I'm missing.
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me too
Going through the same phase, tired of overpoliticise shit. Personally I'm watching Goosebumps, pretty comfy imo
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MTV's The State... its 90s as hell and funny as fuck...

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Is it all but confirmed that next year's Best picture and best director Oscars is going to be competition between these two?
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>no Kathryn Bigelow
>no Jordan Peele
wow racist and sexist much? I'm glad the oscar board brought on much needed diversity otherwise they would probably discriminate against those two like you

Detroit's reviews have good but not great. Get out is the marvel movie of Horror films.
The two most overrated directors in hollywood except maybe Villanueve. Del Toro has never even made a really good film.

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>Keep it secret, keep it safe.
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What about second breakfast?
Keep it like a secret?
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>Is it secret? Is it safe?

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should be a bannable offense
Is he just wearing socks?
what's his hairstyle called?

Smelly Bajorans edition
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best genocide episode ?
found the merifat
>no nx-01
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all cardie fucking shits deserve to be killed

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Needs some recs on films that feature great ass
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bump because i want to know as well
there's literally a movie about the woman pictured
Requiem for a Dream

>Let's make a grounded and realistic film about a character who is a billionaire who dresses as a bat to fight crime and who's arch enemy is a clown,
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And it worked, stay mad Marvelcuck
Yes that was the appeal.
It's funny like watching LOTR and looking at all the wizards saying fantasy shit and being all serious.

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