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what movie should i watch while i wait for the impending hurricane to hit me?
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The pest
You should be stocking on components, woods, meat and canned food and some books.

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What did Nolans choreography advisors mean by this?
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i thought catwoman or whatever got him from behind.
they forgot to add cgi muzzle flash
They meant fucking fall you nim*gger

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>it's a 'Young Sheldon corrects the teacher' episode
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>It's a Young Sheldon gets tested again episode
>it's a "we are cancelling the show after 8 episodes" kinda episode
>it's a 'Young Sheldon gets moved forward a grade level and has to leave behind his friends leading to further social isolation' episode

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tfw dad doesn't love me ;_; Edition



Meanwhile >>87407240
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i've not been in /tpg/ for 2.5 weeks (since the russian leaks)

hit me with the memes i've missed before i kill myself
Should've been Donna's kid.


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Excluding rental services (like Google Play) and cable streaming (like Sling, or VMedia), what is the best streaming service available in your country right now?

>unironically CraveTV

It costs the about same as Netflix, but the library is worlds better. Granted that's because Bell owns the rights to half of all content ever made, and they hoard those licences for themselves, but still... My only complaints are their lack of support for devices and shitty UI (as is tradition).
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>it's Robert's day off
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Hate it too. Tyrone doesn't please my wife like Robert does
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robert got popped!?

>*Stops watching when the musical guest comes on.*
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>not watching based kanye start breaking out
The only good musical guest was Snoop Dogg performing with the Knee High Park characters around him.
He always had good musical guests but I wanted to watch for the comedy, I'll go on YouTube if I wanna hear music

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>/tv/ calls Rey a Mary Sue
>forgets this faggot exists

at least Rey had to learn how to fight before magically unlocking her Force connection. This edgy dipshit disarmed Darth Vader when he was only a fucking baby.
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existence of another (non-canon) character doesn't make Rey not a Mary Sue, faggot
he's still comparatively worse.
and was at one point canon.
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if /tv/ thinks rey is a mary sue this place truly is the pits

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Was this supposed to be a comedy?
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You can really tell who saw it and who didn't. That part was actually really good. Focusing all of the movement around his face is a great way of showing that the body is as important to the fear as the background. Not only is the entirety of the fear coming from your head, it's also where his most dangerous aspects are. Everything else is a distraction.

Keep memeing it, though.
Fpbp. Fuck you OP. Actually watch the movie before you shitpost about it
One of the most memorable shots. The camera movement was pretty creepy

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>you ARE beautiful
What did he mean by this?
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>and you are beautiful
Why did he have to keep insisting it?
it was a movie goof
Just one of jokester's epic prankings, bro.

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>move is set in 1950's America
>Character brags about "fightin' the Krauts in War"
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>my grandfather fought against nazis
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>my grandfather was a nazi
I didn't fight that Nazis back in World War II just so OP could create threads like this.

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>ITT: actor/actress's lowest point
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but that was his peak anon
Gary Coleman got a pretty raw deal.
Just watched the Godfather
This is embarassing

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Just marathonned this, did I like it?
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It was kino and girl was a cute
bretty good, not as good as the book though.

This scene made me really uncomfortable. It felt like everyone in the theater was judging me for watching this. Why did it have to go on so long? After seeing this movie, If I had to describe both Finn Wolfhard's nipples and my own nipples to a police sketch artist, Finn Wolfhard's nipples would look more accurate. I don't like it.
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Do you think he could feel the heat pressed against the back of his neck?
...Probably? I don't know.
i wonder how they told the kids how this scene will play out
>ok you will have some little boy's weiner pressed against your neck and the other guy will have some girl's bits smushed against his

>Saturday night

Why are you here?
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Beers and films OI OI
nigga its 3pm
To find out if you can take off the mask

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