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Recommend me some rogan kino
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is he a spic ?
He's fully eye-talian

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Wait, he said in the first movie that he wants to be free of the Matrix, get out and live in the real world.

After the files were overridden and he became The One, why did he try to fight and kill Neo? He was a sentient program at that point, no longer at the bid of the machines. Why didn't Neo just say 'Hey dude, it's good to see you but why don't you help us? We can find a way to get you into the real world, outside of the matrix, just like you told Morpheus years ago.'

Surely there are prisoners and traitors in Zion, why not give Smith one of their bodies? What was his reasoning for wanting to kill humans? At what point did he want to get out of the matrix to becoming it's supreme ruler?
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He was a virus
He was an egomaniac only interested in power and control, not freedom. Despite his little monologue in the first movie, he never cared about being free. He just wanted to have everything for himself.
>After the files were overridden and he became The One
When did this happen? He was still very much himself, just making copies everywhere.
> What was his reasoning for wanting to kill humans?
He has a natural disgust for humans in case you couldn't tell.

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What's /tv/s opinion on this?

The whole interesting lighting thing was amusing for the first 20 minutes and then it just got boring. Also, I would've liked to see at least some kind of lesbian scene seeing how it was a witch coven and all
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It's great, one of my Halloween go-tos. Actually, you just reminded me the season's coming up. I gotta get ready to start posting Halloween 3 threads everyday...
I've seen Lucker The Necrophagous and a bunch of other horrible shit but somehow never got around to watching suspiria. I'll try to enjoy it around Halloween
the theme song is good!

i watched it FOR FREE on YOUTUBE it was corny as fuck but for some reason i still liked it

Any actors on this board? I just landed the lead in Death of a Salesman and need tips for remembering lines. I usually just read them over and over again, anything better in mind?
I've been in "plays" before, but this is the first official one.
I posted this yesterday and also want to thank some of you who responded.
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Tony nominated here, pros normally use teleprompters (or line coaches in the pit if the production can't afford) combined with writing on hands, hard-to-remember or often-flubbed lines written on masking tape placed strategically, earpieces, digital contact lenses which scroll the play in real time, narrow-beam audio guns to project lines directly into actors' ears, memorization, and ad libbing to make for a satisfying performance.

Practice is the only real method. Convince / coerce / pay someone to read opposite you, get a feel for the words and get used to where each bit comes in the flow of dialogue.
I try and act like a normal person in real life but I'm pretty sure I'm a lunatic.

Where did all this food come from? Didn't Hermione say something like you can't conjure food out of thin air?
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The house elves you faglord read a book.
Elfs made it and the wizards just magically transported it?

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The fuck was his problem?
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wrong board, kid
Psychosis and amnesia caused by exposure to an experimental chemical weapon

What does /tv/ think?
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Could have been drier for my taste. I appreciate what they were going for and there were definitely a few very funny moments, but in general I thought it was a bit mediocre. Not bad at all, but not as good as it could have been.
Sadly nobody here has seen it. If they did they'd just say it was shit. Try making a bane thread or something... You'll get a better response
I think it's one of the best vampire movies to come out in years.

I cant believe the viral marketers of /tv/ had me see this. so they took a disturbing psychological horror book and added shitty jump scares, cgi biting arms off and general made for tv feel. Its like the filmmakers had no idea why that story impacts people is not because of the clown but that it is all subliminal and metaphor. The tim curry one captured that way more.
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T. Nostalgia fag
The book and miniseries were both bad, and you nostalgiafucks should feel bad.
Fuck off anti-shill

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simpsons house.jpg
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>All Homer ever does is complain about how poor he is
>Owns a house that has 3 living rooms
>4 bedrooms
>3 bathrooms

Explain this
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Americans always want to be richer. What you have doesn't matter, only what you COULD have.
>All Homer ever does is complain about how poor he is

Never happened nigger.
When has Homer ever bitched about being poor?
He wanted an AC one time but that's all I remember.

Can someone explain? This scene made no fucking sense
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>Can someone explain?


It was the 90's man. The whole decade made no fucking sense
>where does he get those wonderful toys?

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quick /tv/, i need the comfiest movie possible
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lotr trilogy
Goonies. Sandlot. Ghostbusters.
S3 of TP. Unironically. The Roadhouse refrains at the ends of each episode are maximum comfy even if you aren't even slightly /mu/

I waited 14 god damned years for a remake that didn't even include the scariest parts of the book. Movies CAN be longer than 2 hours, yet they don't want to tread into it like champions and instead cut it short. It was great acting, absolutely wonderful. Amazing atmosphere. Scariest movie in a long time. But not only was it lacking in good content from the book, it also gave the kids too much power over Pennywise.

In the book, It turns into a werewolf and the kids are all but helpless and run for their lives. In the movie, the kids can defeat It? At least for now? When did this happen?

Also, the statue. Holy fuck I'm peeved that they put the fucking lumberjack statue RIGHT. THERE. and did NOTHING with it. NOTHING.
That is legit one of the scariest scenes.
Imagine being chased by a huge, hairy lumberjack that is more than likely going to rape you with his huge, maple syrup covered dick after he chops you in half with his axe.
It's terrifying, yet they did nothing with it. I'm a bit mad at that.

And the next chapter supposidly has them as adults instead of a continuation of the lost content of the first chapter.
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14 years?
Nothing in the book was scary.

Though I too was disappointed they included the Paul Bunyan statue but did nothing with it.
>Movies CAN be longer than 2 hours
The reason they aren't is because they're required to cut them down as much as possible so the theater can get in the maximum number of showings.

You want to avoid this, you do an independent movie. And good luck getting a budget.

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itt: famous animals that are probably dead
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I loved Wishbone as a kid but you know that nigga dead
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Zooboombafoo or whatever the fuck they called that lemur thing

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Used Cars.jpg
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This movie is fucking amazing, a real 10/10 comedy in my book. Maybe because I never heard of it till recently and it is nostalgic since it takes place in 1979 / 1980 .... but I find myself absolutely LOVING it.

Are there any other diamonds in the rough like this movie that you can recommend? Something so good I will want to buy and own a copy?
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When are used cars worth it? I want to think about a new (used) car this year, but they stopped making the lancer evolution like a year ago

go to /o/ and ask auto

I did but they're sleeping normies

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