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It feels good to be patrician
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lol boi
The Matrix has shit characters and wonky plot. Don't know about Dark City, will check it later.

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Is he right /tv/ ?
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saw this and twitter and lo and behold here it is too! what are the chances?
The problem is that what is on cinema at the moment is either shit, things people don't care or know about, or sequel/remake, stuffing diversity in isn't gonna make it better just worse, especially if they make a big deal about it like Sony did with fembusters
Aren't movies appealing to the SJW crowd the ones that do the worst?

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Hello /tv/
You paid your TV license yet?
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I can't decide between paying for this or my 4chan pass
>tv license
>butter knife license
>5 bongs a day license
>obligatory payment to local mosque

must be shit being a c_U_c_K
I live in germany where you have to pay tv licence even if you dont have a tv. So I moved without informing the town hall.
If I ever buy a car, start a business or do something else that needs me to register at a town hall I'll be arrested and sent to jail until I consent to have my assets seized.
After they think I paid enough and say we're even I will also not be able to get an apartment, credit card, phone, internet access and many other basic things for three years.


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Hey /teevee/, is this any good? The actors are talented and the plot seems interesting but it only has a 6.1 on imdb.
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botoxed Melanie Griffith ruins it
It's nothing special
good enough

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old >>87406506
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Tywin Lannister
Orys Baratheon

Jon Connington
Brynden Rivers

Jobber Hand:
Eddard Stark
Barristan Selmy
Rossart the Alchemist

cuck hand:
Mace Tyrell
Davos Seaworth

====POWER GAP====

====POWER GAP====

====POWER GAP====

WORSE than a cuck hand:
Tyrion Lannister
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Rose doesn't deserve this shoddy treatment from a gormless manlet

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Where are those cucks saying this would flop?
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70 million is a pretty big flop for a movie of this caliber
You realize the largest hurricane on record is set to hit the third largest film market in the country this weekend, right?
Money is not an indicator of quality.

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So what is it?
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I've never seen one before. No one has, but I'm guessing its a White Hole.
So what is it?
only joking.

The amount of coke (high energy coal, very scarce near end of war during a war when supply lines are cut and you are losing the war and allies pushing inwards when the holocaust supposedly began and all the killings occurred) required to burn that many bodies is in the hundred millions of tonnes. We have no records of that much coke being delivered. We have all their communications and could listen in and surveilliance planes flying over head and NONE show the amount of coke required for even a fraction of the bodies supposedly burned.

Additionally, the coke furnaces are single body furnaces and at maximum output could run 21 hours a day. 3 hours required to clean the coke buildup of the fins or it would implode basically.

For the amount of bodies they try to claim are burned, a modern crematorium could not burn a fraction of those bodies in that time period. ALso, the bodies cannot be vaporized completely in the 2-3 hour time period - bone fragments and whatnot remain still. Modern crematoriums take these and put in a tumbler with giant steel balls that pulverize the remaining fragments and only then do you get teh ashes for your cremated loved one.

Nazis using an inefficient method comparatively were able to do it faster and completely with no bone fragments remaining or need to bury. The ashes also spread to the wind and were never found, supposedly used to fertilize farms on mass and dumped in rivers. No carbon content in sediment is found or show these types of millions of dead bodies in surrounding areas.

There are also no mass graves anywhere. Auschwitz is the largest camp(s) (theres 3 camps to the one Auschwitz, but most only know about Auschwitz 2 from Schindlers List). It has a very high water table and you cannot bury bodies anywhere, let alone milliosn in mass graves due to being surrounded by two rivers and marshland. No mass graves. No ashes. 5 furnaces to burn 1.4 million (originally 4.4 million) people.
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God I love coke
This movie sucks balls
The book was written by a goy trying to get in on them sweet Holocaust Industry shekels.

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Is that true, /tv/?
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New card. What do you think?
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What the fuck did I just watch?
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lost highway, directed by david lynch
Yeah, that's the general reaction by anything directed by David Lynch.
It literally has the same narrative mechanics as Mullholland Drive. Guy does something bad, sleeps, panics then die.

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Have I unwittingly exposed myself to anime by watching this show, or am I ok?
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I'm pretty sure it was animated by Studio Bones or something.
It's anime inspired like afro samurai.

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>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW who actually think Homecoming can hold a candle to this phenomenal piece of film-making
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Spiderman 1 was better
Why not? Both movies are just movies for kids. Just enjoy it and have a good time watching it wiht your little brothers.

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Thoughts on this tummy?
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Thoughts on posting webms?

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It was kind of stale at times in the beginning, but I still liked it.
12 Angry Men comes close to it, but is a far different film and is much more effective. There is actual tension, you do not have that with Todesmacher since it's more of a documentary than anything. More experimental as well, seeing as it's just two people talking for almost two hours.
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