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i'm not writing the rules
>I bet
There is no wagering at 4chan, Grandpa.
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Has anyone else realized that women had perkier tits prior to the 2000s?
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Yeah because thicc(fat) women are in
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normie detected
childhood obesity fucks up growth

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A study has found evidence that religious people tend to be less reflective while social conservatives tend to have lower cognitive ability

>Religion and politics appear to be related to different aspects of cognition, according to new psychological research. Religion is more related to quick, intuitive thinking while politics is more related to intelligence.

>The study, which was published in the scientific journal Personality and Individual Differences, found evidence that religious people tend to be less reflective while social conservatives tend to have lower cognitive ability.

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journal is kek worthy, a pol goldmine

"Tattooed man: Could menstrual cycle phase and contraceptive use change female preferences towards bad boys?"

"Psychological processes common to social conservatism and terrorism"
>To minimize the threat of terrorism the focus should be on reducing Grudge.

"Diminished UV radiation enhances national cognitive ability, wealth, and institutions through health and education"
>Country intelligence and wealth are unrelated; both depend on UV radiation.
>UV radiation exerts influence directly and through health and education.

Impact Factor: 2.005
5-Year Impact Factor: 2.400
i didn't need a journal article to realize this

also this is not /sci/

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Cipher - 5 words - IOEEAWDVMEBIPRYL

First step of many.
Best of luck.
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>Caesar shift
Whoa, they're not even trying now.
Is it? i put that in an brute force decoder. didnt see anything legible. what did u get?

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If you had to recommend 1 book that is most useful in learning HOW to study and get very good marks in exams, what would it be? I've heard A Mind for Numbers by Barbara Oakley is very good. Is that the number 1 book for learning HOW to study and how to get the best grades?
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Also, do you recommend any specific studying tips/pdfs/YouTube videos?
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The sticky:

Sticky is shit

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What is the scientific explanation for deja vu?
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Brain glitch that assigns false feel of recall to incoming information.
But i thought the matrix

inappropriate synapse activation.

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Whats the current state of credibility of the pilot wave theory of QM among smart people?


Can any version of it account for the delayed choice quantum eraser experiments?
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So quantum objects are particles. Where does the wave come from?
its the correct (white) non-jew interpretation.

the jews saved the good physics for themselves.
tl;dr: pilot wave while being a possible interpretion is absolutely out of proportion tier useless in actual computation

So, if it actually doesn't simplify the predictive capabilties of Copenhagen representation it's useless to somebody actually using it often.

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post your simulations/lectures mfers

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Don't know what that shit is, man, but it reminds me of my childhood. Has new vaporwave been birthed?
what year were you born in

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>Your dad asks you what you're studying
>You tell him you're studying abstract mathematical concepts like topology that apply to all areas of knowledge
>He chuckles and says "yep I'm sure son, show me"
>You open "Concepts of Modern Mathematics" by Ian Stewart, i.e. babby's first math book to show him what's up
>Randomly open to a page without looking and show it to him
>You then realize it's page 156 and you're pointing at pic related
>Your dad looks disappointed in you beyond measure, walks off shaking his head
>"I've raised a retard"

How do you convince normies that math is something legitimate and important, the ultimate intellectual discipline, without dumbing it down so much (so that can understand it) that it seems stupid and trivial to them?
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If this is what I think this is why didn't he use a kiwi or some other vaguely spherical hairy object as an example?
Because that wouldn't be funny.

Math isn't important, its something you are doing as a form of intellectual masturbation to differentiate yourself from other humans and bolster your self-worth. Want to earn money? Bullshitters are making millions this moment. Want to contemplate the deeper questions of reality? Math can only ever uncover quantitative relations, never qualitative ones. Want to find happiness? Drugs, fanatical belief in Christianity, or living as a peasant in the Siberian Taiga will bring you more fulfillment.

What is run will jizz so hard that the emp will erease/fry all peoples brains?

how do I survive cus I wana fuck some zombie pussies
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i mean sun * not run u dumass
I believe the formula is: The angle of the dangle is directly proportional to the heat of the meat...
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I live underground. Better figure it out OP, because in the event of a massive solar storm, I'm comin' to fuck you

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