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/sci/ will attack this
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>this post belongs to /pseudosci/
the pics are beautiful, the quote is interesting, but the rest is horseshit, including you, OP
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>the rest is horseshit

Why have Tasmanian aborigines lived in Tasmania - a region with a climate similar to Europe - for longer than whites have lived in Europe you stupid cunt?

Hint: picture of a Tasmanian abo you dumb fuck.

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Let's talk Abacus pills. Are they a better alternative to caffeine? Do they actually work as a nootropic? Are there any downsides to taking these? (ie. tolerance because of high amounts of caffeine?) Will I really have the productive capabilities similar to Elon Musk as advertised?
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well they're better than coffee
this is blatant advertising

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Say...Yellowstone erupted tommorow and devastated whole American continent. Where would Americans,Canadians and Mexicans go and settle and who would accept them?
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>entire continent
It'd fuck up the west US but that's about it
well what about the black ash cloud enveloping all up to NY?
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Recently saw this in a pol thread, please no bully.

Hi /sci/.

About 2 years ago I bought this book. I picked it up once and realised I lack the mathematical knowledge in order to get through it.

Does anyone have any idea what sort of 'prerequisite knowledge' I'll need before I can get through this?

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also wondering this
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If you have done college algebra you know enough to start reading this book. It never gets more difficult than addition, subtraction, multiplication, and polynomials. He explains everything step by step. If you aren't used to proving things, or thinking rigorously about math problems it will be conceptually difficult, but you wont be lacking the technical skills.

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On my way to escape being a brainlet. I'm taking Calculus II now. I have been doing the weekly problem sets prescribed by my prof but I don't feel like its enough. How much practice should I be doing? How often do you guys do math for practice, daily? 3 times a week etc?
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Never. Only brainlets need to practice.
As much as necessary. It varies from person to person. Do exercises until you want to stab your eyes out from the repetition. And then do four more, since at that point you should be capable of doing any exercise with closed eyes.
I usually just do problems until I feel confident I can use the concept in abstract ways. Full disclosure though, I learned most of my math from reading textbooks on my own, so I can choose what problems to do or not to do, and always have to work with a limited amount (unless I want to find some online).

Normally, I like to experiment with some mathematical concept on my own, and get a sense of how it works. Just come up with random areas where you can use it, and observe what happens when you change different aspects of it, etc.

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Lets see who on /sci/ knows the most mathematics
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I know up to vector algebra.

Why is integration, differentiation, optimization, and series not part of calculus?
Why is radian, unit circle, and trig functions not part of trigonometry?
Why do you call u-sub 'inverse chain rule'?
Who made this picture?
bro why is counting at the top combinatorics is hard af
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I'm glad this picture isn't serious because if it is there would be no future for anyone anywhere, because a retard like me knows cohomology and is therefore beyond the genius gap.

Anytime I do maths and try to prove a theorem, I start biting my nails nervously. It's pretty much the only occasion I bite them and it makes them look really bad. How do I stop?
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5 pages in 4 hours, how is /sci/ so slow?
Try chewing gum. There's also nail polish with a foul taste that you can buy to help you stop.

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so I have this asperger friend in my class at uni who keeps spamming me with this "social engineering" BS. after many links I finally took a look at one of the videos.

>Social engineering, in the context of information security, refers to psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. A type of confidence trick for the purpose of information gathering, fraud, or system access, it differs from a traditional "con" in that it is often one of many steps in a more complex fraud scheme. The term "social engineering" as an act of psychological manipulation of a human, is also associated with the social sciences, but its usage has caught-on among computer and information security professionals.

why the hell does everything nowadays have to be labeled as "hacking"? This crap is just basic psychology with some elements of game theory. so basically if you have a decent EQ you're already a human hacker.
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what do you mean nowadays? the term social engineering has been around since the 80's and it was always an integral part of most of the oldschool hackers way of going about things, like kevin mitnick et al.

and at no point in the paragraph you linked to i see the term hacking


dropped your post and your opinions here
Social engineering is very useful tool in trying to penetration test a company. So rather than having to spend ages trying to explore the organisations infrastructure (both technical and non-technical), you can simply convince someone, ask or find a password.
This also involves dressing the part in the organisation, using the correct verbal communication and ustilising other social things. Such as having your arms full as you walk up to a security checkpoint so they let you past (Obviously this doesn't always happen), as an example. Understanding peoples behavior in companies and also thinking about the ways in which you can manipulate people working there all add up to the "Engineering" part of it.
Social Engineering is usually a shortcut to achieve something else or to make the job as a penetration tester easier.

I suggest looking up some DEFCON talks about it rather than taking my word for it.

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Just started my study mechatronics engineering instead of electrical. Did I switch to a meme study or am I ait?
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after doing a study in electrical engineering you're more specialized in one direction, with mechatronics you're kind of at the point of intersection between mechanics and electronics.

just look at mister bean, he is an electrical eng. as well ;)
I'm in your situation too.Wanted to study software engineering then i applied for EE but didn't enter so i am now a mechatronic engineer

Is this plausible, /sci/?
My understanding is that the bandwidth problems we have with our probes are related almost entirely to the distance of the transmissions, and that data-heavy transmissions, including video, are possible at shorter ranges over reasonable timescales (Satellite TV, ISS livestreams, etc). As such, it is bandwidth that stands between us and, say, video of a descent into Jupiter's atmosphere.

At this point we've also done orbiter/lander pairs, Cassini/Huygens among them, so what's to stop us from solving the bandwidth problem with pic related, such that our suicide probes can finally post pics? If it is plausible, why isn't it a much more common mission profile?

I understand it would be pretty goddamn expensive and video specifically might not ACTUALLY be that useful, but surely real time data in much higher volume would be useful no matter what data we were gathering.

Transmit lots of data very rapidly from your probe to your orbiter, then let your orbiter take its sweet time sending it back to Earth. Why or why not?
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Better design would be orbiter/lander on parachutes. Still one trick pony but you'll get considerably more data on the atmosphere than you would with several second lasting blaze.
1. Expensive and no political will
2. Free space loss with RF is too great (laser comms tech is on the way though) and the amplifiers necessary to transmit at the tens of megabits necessary from distances like Jupiter would take over a kW of power
3. Speed of light means "livestreaming" is basically impossible
Of course there's no way to do it live. The key would be to pull as much constant data as possible, record it, then forward it to Earth as doable. I imagine it would be a few weeks or more to send good shit back that far.

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