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What physics laws can the universe opreate without
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it can operate without the first law of thermodynamics only if it is almost impossible to do so
Depends on what you mean by operate. I think all would have drastic effects on what the universe would look like, but it could still be around.

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Will I be born instantly into another human? What is the chance? What happens when we die?
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We become reincarnated as a frog however the chosen one becomes the frog god kek here is an ancient depiction of the creator himself kek whose history goes back millennia

Where does the debate regarding health effects of phytoestrogens stand currently?
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/sci/ is full of bright people but specific questions need anons that have read specific papers

Health is specific
I will bump for you though

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Noob here. Is the math section of the sticky incomplete?
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Yes, math is incomplete.
>Living molecules
Yes, the /sci/ wiki is shit.

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how the fuck did this fucker happen???? its too close to its star
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Well you know how binary black holes and neutron stars merge over time? Orbits are not as permanent as was once thought. There is some orbital energy that gets lost over time. The cause? No fucking idea.
Gravity leaking into our universe isn't constant
Nigga gravitational waves don't mean shit for fucking planetary masses

It's not too close

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Why do rivers have such abundant amounts of oxygen compared to lakes?
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turbulence mixes air into water more effectively than still water

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Can someone find why the following series converges?
[math]\sum_{k=1} ^{\infty} \left( e^{\frac{1}{k} } -1 - \frac{1}{k} \right) [/math]
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[math]e^x=1+x+o(x^2)\quad (x\to 0)[/math]
[math]\implies a_k=e^{\frac{1}{k}}-1-\frac{1}{k}=o(\frac{1}{k^2})\quad (k\to \infty)[/math]
Because [math]\sum\frac{1}{k^2}[/math] converges, [math]\sum a_k[/math] converges.
I love you anon
Small error, it should be
[math]e^x=1+x+x^2+o(x^2)\quad (x\to 0)[/math]
[math]\implies a_k=e^{\frac{1}{k}}-1-\frac{1}{k}=\frac{1}{k^2} + o(\frac{1}{k^2})\quad (k\to \infty)[/math]
Because [math]\sum\frac{1}{k^2}[/math] converges, [math]\sum a_k[/math] converges.


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Based /co/mrade.

Non-Biology guy here, but I've been wondering about this. Obviously the premise is silly since Stan just wanted an easy way for characters to get powers, but it's worth asking. Could, at some point in time, "mutants" like them exist? Granted, stuff like Storm, Proteus, Cyclops and whatnot are nigh impossible, but Angel, Wolverine, Ugly John, Marrow, they are possible.

Or, could we "create" them? Maybe with "Nanomachines, son"? I mean, at a certain point in the future and all, maybe someone like Fantomex could exist.
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Dunno, but out of whatever nature the motivation for this will be, it's gonna be military for sure
Stop shit posting.
You cannot stop me though.


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1/0. Nothing simply cannot Exist
----1x. There exists above, below, left, right, forward, back, inverse, exverse and all combination of these root directions

------sub_5. Motion is Observation vs Direction

2. There was always time in existence (undefined location)
---2x. Time is not antecedent of it's self (there was always 1+2)

------sub_6. Time is antecedent and subsequent, the eternal spiral (sub_5)

3. Measurement is the distance between time and two undefined locations (distance is time)
---3x. All location are defined through the measurement of time

------sub_7. Duality, the mutual incentive for being both infinite and finite

4. Observation is derived from the defining of locations 4=x
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Why is there something rather than nothing?
Because nothing is a contradiction

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In Australia, what is a viable sci career to should pursue for a high IQ person like me?
Would love to get a comfy 6 figure salary, after a few years in the career
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[eqn]\int ( \eta ig\bar{g} e^{r} )d\mu[/eqn]
If you're actually smart and capable data-analytics or any equivalent (usually a part of CS) is what you're looking for. Of course any field that makes money is hated on /sci/.
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Bump i'm also curious.

Currently in 2nd year of 4 year physics and math degree at monash uni

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Is there a list of books that covers pretty much the High School curriculumn
of Mathematics that is compiled in a user friendly way in some website;
from all the way from Pre-Algebra? (I'm planning on going to Uni to study Math)

I'm asking because I was that ADHD kid that would muck around in class
and not listen to the Teacher. :\
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I was in the same boat as you. Anyway, I used Khan academy to catch up on math before going back to college.
Lang's Basic mathematics

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Anyone have other cheat/reference sheets than this one?

I have some that cover every formula about one particular subject, but none that cover all of undergrad physics for example.

Not a request thread, just a thread to dump cheat sheets to help each other.
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Dumping what I have

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General relativity - for or against?
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its all relative bruh
I prefer SPECIAL relativity. I don't see why I should share my relativism with the brainlets of the general population.

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What's the use of a negative exponent of a unit of mesurement?
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Some people find it more aesthetic than puting g/atom which is autistic except for proportionality constants that have wierd units.
so that you don't have to write it as a fraction
or using a '/'

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