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dam u mad nigga lmao
Well that's interesting, how close is it to its nearest star?

What sort of star is it orbiting around?

With that, how much energy could it be absorbing from its star? How is this energy converted on a planetary scale? How is this energy exuded?

Could be useful for thermal energy research

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Are mathematicians born or made?
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Born and made from vagina.
Roughly 50% born, 50% made
Born. Math may be something you can learn but original math is the kind of stuff people have to be wired for.
Crack open a calculus textbook and realize the turbo autists that brought us modern math were always freaks and weirdos from birth. Gauss and Hamilton in particular were child prodigies.

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The reason lies in the fact that given two big primes [math]p_{1}[/math] and [math]p_{2}[/math] it would be difficult to factorize [math]p_{1}p_{2}[/math].
The bigger [math]p_{1},p_{2}[/math], the better.

Can on the other hand exclusive knowledge of big primes be used to crack them?
I don't know how this would work so I'm just asking.
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Nah, you can download a list of big primes on the internet, it's still np-hard to factor though
Sorry, It's not NP-hard. No polynomial algorithm exists for factoring on current architectures.

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What are the craziest tests on people with their brain? I've been trying to find some but can't find any true (Russian sleeper experiment) or overly crazy
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How about the one where a guy had a large pole that was impaled into his brain, but he could still function? Google Phineas Gage. The left part of his brain was completely destroyed and he became a completely changed man.
Did reading into that loved it

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Hi, say I have a bunch of 5c, 10c, 20c and 50c coins and I'm trying to make up $1. How do I map out all the possible combinations visually?
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this is not a troll question btw, i said VISUALLY, like a graph. if i just plot 0.5x, 0.2x, 0.1x and 0.05x or something like that it doesnt account for all possible combinations, for example
um...0.5w+0.2x+0.1y+0.05z...which..how do you represent on a graph. Or there's something erroneous about this thinking
Lets say you have just $0.05 and $0.25 coins.

You want all solutions to the equation

x*0.05+y*0.25 = 1

where x and y are non-negative integers.

That equation simplifies down to
As you can see by the graph, the non-negative integer solutions are

(0,4),(5,3),(10,2), (15,1), (20,0)

Lets say you want to work with 4 different types of coins. That's more difficult because now instead of working with a 2D solution set(the plane), you are working with a 4D solution set which is impossible to properly visualize.

However, it's easy to model:
w*0.05 + 0.1*x + 0.2*y + 0.5*z = 1

All solutions to this equation that uses non-negative integers are valid (since you can'thage a negative or partial coin)

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Let's see how high we shitpost with prime numbers.

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Came up on this article on Wikipedia. It references a talking elephant, named Batyr

The elephant's voice was broadcast on radio, and several prestigious Soviet institutions wrote papers on it.

Soviet science wasn't done for the money, it was done for the prestige and honor, and for the joy of doing science. Few were willing to discus pseudoscience.

Was the elephant just operantly conditioned to talk?

Can any of you find recordings?
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Please guys, I'm curious. \
lol idk

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I don't get this
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do you take out the dotted item after catching it place it back?
The numbers here seem to work if you put it back, i.e., catch-and-release.
well aren't I retarded huh

13 hours later you have your answers kid

8 dots, 1 ducks, 7 rest
10 dots, 1 ducks, 14 rest
12 dots, 1 ducks, 23 rest
12 dots, 2 ducks, 4 rest
16 dots, 2 ducks, 14 rest
20 dots, 2 ducks, 28 rest
18 dots, 3 ducks, 6 rest
24 dots, 3 ducks, 21 rest
20 dots, 4 ducks, 1 rest
24 dots, 4 ducks, 8 rest

tf is wrong with me? So I'm a biochem major and the grades I got first year are the following, Bio-98, chem-93, physics-89, stats-83, calculus......65. Basically all the mistakes and failures in chem and physics are from math errors and short sightedness . Why tf am I like this? am I MATHAMATICALLY AUTISTIC?
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No no no my good friend. If you were mathematically autistic then you would be getting A's. You are mathematically normal. A math normie

autism is a specific sort of retardation. Other forms of retardation would be just retardation.

You're retarded at math. thats what you meant to say of yourself.

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Hey, /sci/ what mathematical equation do you most associate with your personal edification and the lifting of your spirits? Asking for a friend.
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1 + 1 = 2
x+0 = x*1

It just has it all

what does it mean when you test high for iq/standardized tests but feel like a fucking brainlet all the time? that you're just good at tests?

i've always struggled with math beyond the SAT level (which isn't much), with average grades but after having studied probably twice as long as my peers. i'm reading the symbols and notation on the page but it's like i forget what they mean the next second. discrete math, statistics, calculus, algorithms - i can't remember this shit for the life of me. i'm reading the ethereum whitepaper, and it's like, how do people even invent this stuff? my vocabulary isn't exactly large either, so i can't even secure my pride in crystallized/verbal iq.
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You have bad a memory
Grind nigga
It means that you are a genuine brainlet.
>Horrendous Grammar.
>Brainlet-tier Vocabulary.
>Not pondering your why you feel this way on your own.

Do you finally see now? Luckily, you should fit right in on /sci/ this board is populated primarily by teenagers and role-players now.

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if I cover my body in Rogaine can I become a real life furry?
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Yes you will get a lot harier. But Minoxidil was originally invented as a blood pressure medication, so if you apply a lot topically it will throw your blood pressure out of whack.
Wait, Rogaine actually works? Am so used to over the counter stuff just being scams I dismissed it outright...

Could you refine rust(iron oxide) into iron with an induction furnace? Could this be a viable way to gather iron on the iron oxide surface of mars?
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No, induction furnaces suck at purifying oxidated compounds
if not an induction furnace, than what would be effective at refining iron from the surface of mars?
removing oxygen molecules like this is very hard, they're even more cligny than my ex... ( the chemical bonds are very strong ) The usual methods involve acids to separate the oxygen as an element, not the iron. Besides why iron ? oxygen is way more valuable !

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Topology is a funky subject that involves a lot of complex mental images but is often written in math notation. Nothing wrong with that, but it helps to have a visual aid sometimes and topology is in fact very visual-friendly.
As topology becomes used more in data analysis (see:Ayasdi and others) it is becoming less of an abstraction and more a real tool right now.
My brother's really good at data viz and front-end programming. And I have an MS Math and know topology.

Do you think a site with animations/visualizations for Topology would be really useful or popular?
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I don't know how useful or popular it might be, but a lot of my general topology proofs usually involve spatial intuition, so it might be useful to develop the reasoning behind proofs. Not that it's hard anyways.
Hey OP, here's some of what you're looking at. These are from Jeff Weeks, who has a delightful book called "Shape of Space". It's a good light read for the subject.


It's more for learning the subject and not truly for visualizing all sorts of shit, but then again I think you'll have a hard time describing the n-dimensional hole in your n+k dimensional data set that you get from some applied homology algorithm lol.

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Don't know a better place to post this...

Why doesn't the body make use of antiseptics such as rubbing alcohol? You make extremely potent acids to break down food...why not put something that kills bacteria somewhere in the GI tract?
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Or antibiotics for that matter
People should come equipped with wheels.

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